3 New Restaurants/Cafes with Delivery

Even with the circuit breaker in place, new restaurants and cafes are opening up on a daily. You might not be able to visit them, but you can get it delivered to your doorstep. Yes, they have delivery! You can give these 3 new restaurants/cafes a try and at the same time, support these start-ups.

Here’s the list of 3 new places for you to try out:

#1. Laut

Laut means sea in Malay and this new restaurant/bar wanted to celebrate the heritage of orang laut – aka sea people – who relied on the sea for food and survival.

Located at Tanjong Pagar, the new restaurant shines light on Southeast Asian culture and ingredients. However, do not expect a traditional cuisine. You will be served with simple and familiar elements that are combined with a modern twist.

Delivery fees is $20 and for free islandwide delivery, a minimum order of $50 is required. Do take note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays. They are in service from Tuesdays – Sundays, 11am- 8pm.

You can order through their website here.

#2. Ebisu Bowls

Here, you can customise your own sushi bowl for $12. They offer 15 different toppings and three bases for you to choose from. You can pick from your typical sliced salmon to shoyu flavoured with truffle sauce.

Here are some of their signature dishes you can choose too:

Located at Buona Vista, the Japanese restaurant offers islandwide delivery of $8 with a minimum order of $35.

Do note that they are opened from Monday – Saturday, 11.30am-9.30pm. You can view their menu on their website or through their FaceBook page here.

#3. Kotuwa

A Sri Lankan restaurant that had been put together by chef Rishi Naleendra. Set to be opened in April, their project had to be put on paused due to the circuit breaker. However, that did not stop Rishi from sharing with us a little taste of his heritage.

They offer a myriad of Sri Lankan food, from chicken kottu, a popular street food of chopped flatbread, chicken and vegetables fried in spices – think of it as nasi goreng, but instead of rice, it’s fried with shreds of roti prata to thick creamy dahl.

All this can be found on their menu here. The minimum order and delivery fees varies as Kotuwa is on two food delivery platforms – Chope & Oddle.

For now, you can order the food through their website. Once this whole circuit breaker is lifted and we all can dine in, you can bring your family and friends to enjoy their foods.

While you’re at it, Toast Box is having daily deals til 7th June. Read more here!


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