‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Fashion show hosted by HYPEBAE

We all have to agree that Animal Crossing has taken the world by storm. Especially during this global pandemic. We know of people who has bought a Nintendo Switch just because of the game! One of the cool features that Animal Crossing New Horizon has is that you are able to customise/ design your own clothes and furnitures. Players have been utilising their creativity to create amazing pieces. So, HYPEBAE has decided to host an ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ fashion show.

Firstly, what is HYPEBAE. HYPEBAE is a leading online destination for women’s contemporary fashion and streetwear. She is a women’s editorial division that aims to showcase female leaders within fashion and culture. 

So now that we have cleared that up, why a fashion show on Animal Crossing. For players in Animal Crossing they know that the game has unexpectedly became a global platform for fashion. We have designers and brands like Valentino and Marc Jacobs, who have released virtual lookbooks through the game. Popular accounts such as Animal Crossing Fashion Archive and Crossing The Runway have been an inspiration to all players. Encouraging them to create unique looks of their own. Players have recreated popular fashion looks and in a sense this has provided a social connection among players during this pandemic. 

With that in mind, HYPEBAE is hoping to jump on the bandwagon in bringing their online community together. HYPEBAE’s fashion show will have fans of the game walk the virtual runway in their best customised outfit. But do note that this is an invitation-only online event. Readers of HYPEBAE would be able to watch the event live on HYPEBAE’s YouTube channel.

HYPEBAE’s Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Fashion show will air on May 27 at 9pm (EST).

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