Uniqlo UV Protection Wear and Accessories: on-the-go UV protection

Uniqlo has a whole collection dedicated to UV protection. It is not just clothes but accessories as well. Uniqlo’s UV protection wear and accessories are available for women, men, kids and even babies. If you’re thinking that it is just a marketing gimmick, well… Uniqlo has a whole lot of science to back their collection up.

How does UV Protection Wear work? According to their website, UV Ray Reflection or Absorption technology is added to the fibres of UV protection wear. So most UVA and UVB Rays can’t penetrate your skin. 

Image cr. Uniqlo

Uniqlo has a range of products with different UPF that means different level of UV Protection for each garment.

Left: UPF 15, UV Protection Slit Long Cardigan. Right: UPF 25, UV Protection SUPIMA COTTON

Not only are the garments UV protected, they are simple and classy. Pair it up with your favourite pair of shorts and you are good to go. Easy everyday looks that will keep you protected and fashionable.

Now with COVID19, you must be wondering why would we need UV Protection Wear when we are at home all day. UVA rays are able to penetrate glass. So you’re not safe from UVA rays even when you’re home. Another thing, would washing reduce the efficacy of UV Protection Wear? Uniqlo has tried and tested. Even after 10 washes UV Protection tech did not weaken. But do not that after several years of washing, you may notice a gradual reduction in the level of UV Protection. 

Alternatively, UNIQLO announces BILLIE EILISH X TAKASHI MURAKAMI UT collaboration! Look great even when you’re at home all day.


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