Lady Gaga’s upcoming Chromatica Album release date along with her cruelty-free Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette

Lady Gaga’s upcoming album has gathered a lot of hype for its star-studded collaborations. Chromatica was set to release on April 10 but due to COVID19 it is rescheduled for May 29. So, all you Monsters out there rejoice! Lady Gaga has also released her cruelty-free Stupid Love Eyeshadow palette that was inspired by her Chromatica album. And that my fellow Monsters is another thing we can celebrate, something new in the makeup world!

Lady Gaga’s album cover

Chromatica is Gaga’s sixth studio album and is a follow-up album to her fifth, Joanne (2016). Gaga released ‘Stupid Love’ as her album’s lead single on February 28, 2020 and will be releasing her second single from the album, ‘Rain On Me’ on May 22,2020. Let’s not forget that K-pop star BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande and Elton John are part of Chromatica as well. Just when you think this album can’t get any better, Lady Gaga has mentioned that each and every one of her songs reflect the struggles that she has been through. She wants every song to be ‘real’ and ‘honest’. And you know what, we couldn’t ask for anything more.

But before we end his article, we definitely need to talk about Lady Gaga’s cruelty-free Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette by Haus Laboratories. If you do not know, Haus Laboratories is the beauty brand founded by Lady Gaga. Stupid Love Eyeshadow palette is inspired by her released single of the same name.

It is an 18-shade palette that features both cool and warm tones. Now you can recreate Lady Gaga’s look from her Stupid Love music video. That’s an activity to do while you wait for the launch of her new album.

Get your Stupid Love Eyeshadow palette here. Alternatively, here are 7 best things to do in the last 2 weeks of the circuit breaker in Singapore.


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