Beyond Live: World’s first ‘Online Customized Paid Concert’ used for virtual K-pop concerts – NCT, Super Junior, TVXQ!

K-pop fans are you ready? You can now go to your favourite K-pop concert! Thanks to Beyond Live. It is the world’s first ‘Online Customized Paid Concert and it is created by SM Entertainment. That means you will definitely be able to catch NCT, Super Junior, Red Velvet, TVXQ! and many more.

You must be wondering why do I have to pay for a virtual K-pop concert? Or what is so special about Beyond Live? Well… The virtual K-pop concert would be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Dynamic performances + Stage production with AR technology and real time 3D graphics + Differentiate camera works + Interactive communication through live video calls between artists and fans = Worth every single penny. That’s right, you did not read this wrongly. You get to be in a video call with your favourite artist. How amazing it that?!

Not to mention, Beyond Live is also the first in the world to offer Sync Play. Sync Play is a service that synchronises the fanlight with the live stream concert in real time. And you are able to do this online and offline. Now you can cheer together with all your fellow fans around the world. Beyond Live is an ‘online streamed format of offline concerts through technology’.

Are you sold yet? Cause we are. So Beyond Live, thanks to SM Entertainment, is hosting weekly K-pop Concerts. The upcoming K-Pop group to perform is TVXQ! May 24 at 3pm (KST).

Previous K-pop performances:

Super M26 April
WayV3 May
NCT12717 May

Upcoming K-pop performances :

TVXQ!24 May

Here is how to get a ticket. You would need to go to VLIVE.TV and buy coins and then you will be able to buy the concert tickets. You can click here to get your TVXQ! tickets.

Alternatively, if you have already purchased a ticket here are our Top 5 romantic Korean dramas to binge watch on Netflix. You can always binge watch a couple of them before the concert. So why not?

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