Young Master (少爷), would you like to have a beer? Singapore Alcohol Review

Whenever a new brand of beer is put on the shelf on our local supermarkets, it always tingles our alcoholic senses and gets us excited. So we took a closer look at this elusive Asian-themed alcohol brand.

Young Master is a Craft Beer brand that has its culture rooted in Asia and their drinks brewed in Hong Kong, which kind of explains their logo featuring Asian martial arts. We found 6 types of Beers that are available in Singapore for purchase, they are:
1) Pilsner
2) Classic
3) 1842
4) Cha Chaan Teng Sour
5) Apple Pie A La Mode
6) Chili Lager

The Canned Series


Pilsner are Pale lager that are originally from Europe, so the expected taste was something neutral, but surprisingly, the drink has a fruity fragrance upon opening the can. The beer is also much foamy than your usual Pilsner. You can understand why this is a craft inspired beer with the sour fruity taste. Sadly, there was a strong bitter aftertaste which really spoilt the overall experience for us. It was a decent attempt at an affordable craft beer, but it’s not something we would actively seek out and purchase. This gets a BRUTAL DISAPPROVED.

Young Master X Hello Kitty: Apple Pie A La Mode (Apple Vanilla Cream Ale)

Appearance wise, the can design is really cute and eye-catching, something that we can really appreciate and be intrigued by. But we’re afraid using Hello Kitty is the only way Young Master is able to sell this beer. When you first open the can, the smell of apples flows out and straight up your nose. It didn’t feel bad, but as you drink, the fruity apple taste pierces through the drink and you are left with a dry ale aftertaste. It’s not a great combination and it’s also not something we would actively seek out. I will give this a BRUTAL DISAPPROVED.

Young Master X Aggretsuko: Chili Lager

Another collaboration packaging, this time with the popular Japanese anime Aggretsuko. Fitting of the angry fox image, the beer is mixed with a Japanese Spice Blend to give a spicy edge to the drink. First mouthful, it’s the familiar lager taste you get from the usual beer, say Carlsberg. Right after you swallow the drink, you will feel a spicy kick. A little burning sensation at your throat, which is not a bad experience, especially if you are a fan of spicy food. Overall, a nicer blend than the other 2 cans and something much more interesting. This gets a BRUTAL APPROVED.

The Bottled Series


Like it’s name suggests, this is exactly what you should expect from something that is called “Classic”. Strong and bitter yet light at the same time. A great tasting drink. Nothing fruity or or sweet smelling from the drink to distract you of the original taste. Just good ol’ fashion beer. I believe this to be closer to an Ale and is a drink that you will not go wrong with. I would recommend all to give this a try. This gets a BRUTAL APPROVED.

1842 Imperial IPA

At first taste, it is like an expanded or modified version of the Classic. It has a similar taste to the Classic, with an additional beautiful fragrant smell while the extra taste reminded us of grapefruit. A beautiful harmony of bitter and sour. Depending on what type of beer taste you prefer, if you like something fruity and sour, go for this, if not, the classic is a much better option. We give this a BRUTAL APPROVED.

Cha Chaan Teng Sour – Salted Lime Gose

Based on the name, you can tell that this will be something really different. The smell of the drink is really sour and limey and is a little pungent. Taste wise, it’s a very tasty lime flavoured alcohol. It almost remind me of tequila shots with lime wedges. Sour and strong. It’s still a carbonated drink, so a cider would be the closest representation for this drink. This probably will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone should at least try this out and determine whether you would like it or not, but we are definitely giving this a BRUTAL APPROVED.

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