Long John Silver’s Breakfast Platter

If you can’t get McDonald’s breakfast set due to the overwhelming orders that is going through their website ever since they opened again, Long John Silver’s got your back.

How about Long John Silver’s breakfast platter for a change? They have 3 sets and they are:

#1. French Toast with Chicken Sausage

Price: $7.60

You get 2 pieces of french toast along with a chicken sausage, cheese omelette, turkey bacon and their tater tots of 6 piece. Not forgetting a cup of either hot coffee or tea – in regular size.

#2. French Toast Platter with Texas Chicken

Price: $7.90

You get the same items as the first mentioned meal, just that this time, its with Texas chicken instead of the chicken sausage.

#3. French Toast with Grilled Salmon

Price: $9.50

Again, it’s the same 3 items as the first two. Instead of chicken sausage and Texas chicken, it’s grilled salmon. That’s the best explanation for the big jump in price.

They also excluded the turkey bacon for this meal set. Odd.

So from this, Long John Silver’s Breakfast Platter is rather consistent in terms of what is served and the only change is the meat of the meal.

The platters goes on till 11:00 am daily. You can order your platters through GrabFood and FoodPanda or for takeaway at your nearest Long John Silver’s outlet.

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