3 Ramadan Bazaar You Can Visit Online

It’s a few more day til Hari Raya and with the ongoing circuit breaker, Ramadan bazaars has adapted and turned to online platforms for everyone to still shop during this season.

You can do your last minute shopping through these online platforms to get your essentials for Hari Raya.

Like @bazaarraya2020, where it uses Instagram as a platform for consumers to buy and sell items, the following are websites where you can do the same too.

#1. Geylang Bazaar Online

Geylang Bazaar partnered up with kedaisujimy.com to create an online platform for small and medium businesses to continue what they are doing despite everything. It actually focuses on helping vendors with little knowledge about online business.

You can find almost everything on this site from food, clothes to electronics and many more.

#2. Gobaza

Here’s another website where you can do the same thing. Gobaza is “an ecosystem where thriving merchants leverage and harness together with open arms, inviting people from all faiths and walks of life to come and share resources.”

They provide a wide range of items that you might need during this trying times. From clothes to home furnitures to personal care and even workshops.

#3. B.Halal

This site is slightly different. Its more of a entertainment page where you have Sheikh Haikel, Anna Belle Francis and Aaron Aziz as hosts. The platform provides a space where we can stream celebrities doing interviews with other celebrities, product reviews, sharing of Islamic values and interactive charity.

They also have an mobile app called B.Halal app and this is where buyers and sellers can connect, trade and exchange products and services. It’s cost -effective, time saving and efficient.

With that, go do what you need to before Hari Raya. If you need to get more kuih or buy a new electrical fan, you can do it through these websites.

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