5 Fresh produce delivery services in Singapore that you should try

Getting fresh groceries could be one of the hardest thing to do now. Supermarket lines are long and with the new circuit breaker rules, wet markers visits are limited.

So before your kitchen becomes empty here are 5 fresh produce delivery services that where you can get your fresh vegetables, fruits and food.

#1. Tankfullyfresh

They offer a wide range of seafood, where they categorise into fish, shell and squid. You can purchase your seafood today and get it delivered to your doorstep by the next day. They also have islandwide delivery.

You can find a wide range of fishes from big red snappers to selar. They also have a frozen tab where you can purchase frozen cut fish and shellfish like scallops and Korean clams.

#2. MarketFresh

Here, you can literally purchase anything and everything that you usually find at a wet market. From vegetables to noodles and poultry.

#3. OrganicDelivery

For those who eats all organically, here you can get your groceries from fresh produces to fruits to drinks and snacks. However, items purchased will be delivery in 3 days or less.

#4. csfoods

csfoods is where you can get your fresh meat, poultry and seafood. They also offer food items like snacks and finger food. During this Ramadan, you can spend above $80 to receive a discount of 30% on a la carte items.

#5. mynikmart

As for mynikmart, their food items are mostly frozen. From frozen bread, processed meat to frozen vegetables. They also have deserts and beverages as part of their category.

Now, you can grocery shop without having to leave your homes. Just click, pay and wait for them to be delivered to your doorstep.

While you are grocery shopping, you can also get your Raya delights from Instagram foodie accounts.


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