PEZZO X CRAVE Nasi Lemak Ramadan Special Taste Test – Singapore Review

During this Ramadan season, many food brands announced their deals and promotion for everyone to grab. Some of which is PEZZO. The locally established food chain collaborated with CRAVE Nasi Lemak and came up with their Ramadan specials.

We will be reviewing the 3 Ramadan specials according to smell, appearance and taste. Keep in mind, the pizzas were only eaten 1 hour after being bought for Iftar.

Here are the 3 pizza flavours that they released:

#1 Nasi Lemak Pizza – $5.90 per slice

Description: Fresh Dough topped with Onions, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Mozzarella Cheese, popcorn chicken and lastly our special Crave’s sambal chilli.

From the looks of it, we noticed the popcorn chicken first then the red peppers along with burnt onions. There wasn’t any typical nasi lemak smell – pandan or coconut smell – or smell at all.

The bread was kinda hard after an hour and after reheating. As for the taste, we could say that it was a waste of our $5.90. No nasi lemak taste, no cucumber, no coconut taste.

The only taste that stood out was the popcorn chicken and that isn’t even part of a typical plate of nasi lemak. Occasional bites of the burnt onion, red peppers and cheese gave some flavour to go along with the pizza bread. Other than that, it tasted nothing like nasi lemak.


#2 Rendang Shiok Pizza – $5.90 per slice

Description: Fresh dough spreaded with special Crave’s Rendang sauce, minced chicken rendang, onion, red pepper, pineapple and lastly sprinkled with Mozzarella Cheese.

This slice was filled with more ingredients (as you can tell its more thick). The red peppers and pineapples were evident on the slice but not the main ingredient – the minced chicken rendang.

Surprisingly, this slice of rendang pizza was still soft and fluffy after an hour and after reheating as compared to the nasi lemak one.

There was a mild rendang smell. It somehow smelled and also tasted like those rendang paus you get at coffee shops. At the first bite, we got the rendang sauce and the pineapple which was a tasty combination.

The minced chicken was countable, in a sense, if there were more of it, the rendang pizza would be completed. All in all, the rendang pizza was better than the nasi lemak one.


#3 Banana Pizza – $4.90 per slice

Description: This pizza topped with chocolate sauce, topped with banana slices, and lastly sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.

From the slice, you can tell that it’s not the best looking pizza. As for the smell, it has the typical chocolate smell (duh) with a little tinge of banana sweet smell (if that makes sense).

The pizza was hard! it was the hardest among the 3 – after an hour and after reheating. The struggle to bite and chewy is for real. To make it worse, the taste of the pizza wasn’t the best.

The layer of chocolate sauce was really thin and the taste was bleh, doesn’t really taste like chocolate. The banana slices helped a little with the sweetness.

Honestly, taking a piece of bread and spreading it with Nutella and adding freshly sliced banana is a wayyy better alternative. Plus, it’s free ’cause the ingredients from your own kitchen.


In conclusion, some dishes should stay on plates and pizzas flavours should stick to the mainstream.

They actually heat up the pizza first before packing so if you reheat again at home, it could affect the softness of the bread. Other than that, it was interesting to see local dishes as pizzas flavours however like we mentioned earlier, it should stay on plates.

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