Where to get Handmade Raya delights

With the annual bazaars cancelled and the circuit breaker in place, where do we get our Raya snacks? How do we liven up the Raya spirit?

Well, Instagram user @bazaarraya2020, created an account for everyone to experience a virtual bazaar where we could shop for Raya essentials through our mobile phones.

It is also a platform to support local businesses that was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and cancellations . You can find anything from food, make-up products to clothes and services.

With that we will be zooming in to the food section of the online bazaar. Here are some foodie accounts where you can order your Raya delights:

*take note some of the accounts participated in the online bazaar and some did not*

#1. @rocknroll.layangz

They specialise in kuih layang-layang (kite cookies). They are small, crispy and sugary snail-like cookies that crunch when you bite them and melts in your mouth.

Usually made with dough or popiah skin (depending on the size), these bite-size treats are often covered with icing shower. That’s the typical flavour everyone would go for. But they took it to a next level with different types of flavours ranging from milo to salted egg.

#2 @sotonglicious_official

Established since 2002, @sotonglicious_official provides you with their sweet & spicy cuttlefish snacks that comes in 4 flavours. There are:

  • sweet & spicy cuttlefish
  • original chilli cuttlefish
  • lemon flavoured cuttlefish
  • crispy cuttlefish

#3 @ohdelicieuxtm

They specialise in kuih tapak kuda (in literal terms, horse shoe cakes). They do other types of sweet homemade pasteries as well but they are popular for their horse shoe cakes.

They have flavours like Nutella, Cream Cheese, Biscorty (caramelised biscuits), Ondeh-ondeh and many more

#4 @blissbake.sg

This is where you can get your nutella tarts! @blissbake.sg also does other flavours of tarts, browines and cupcakes for your sweet tooth to indulge.

Talking about nutella tarts, the also have the traditional Pineapples one, along with Red Velvetella, OreoTella, MiloTella and PandanBiscoff.

#5 @iszrypastry

Here, you can get your homemade traditional kuihs such as pineapple tarts and kuih makmur. They do cakes and other sweet pastries too.

Now, i’s time to start ordering your Raya delights so satisfy the craves.

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