Pangdemonium is streaming ‘Chinglish’ online for free on Vimeo!

If you’ve not heard of Chinglish, you must have at least heard of Pangdemonium. Chinglish is one of Pangdemonium’s plays that stars Adrian Pang and Oon Shu An. But if you’ve not heard of it, no worries as Pangdemonium is streaming it for free on Vimeo from 8pm on May 15 to 11.59pm on May 21 on

Performed in English and Mandarin, Chinglish brings you on a journey with an American businessman (Daniel Jenkins). A man with a shady past, who travels to China to seal a lucrative deal for his sign-making business. He soon realises that much more than language gets lost in translation. He meets a colourful menagerie of characters, each one with a hidden agenda.We have a gorgeous femme fatale (Oon Shu An), a three-faced politician (Adrian Pang), and a series of increasingly incompetent interpreters. As our hero falls helplessly into dodgy business partners, and hopelessly into bed with mysterious sleeping partners, he then realises what he has gotten himself into.

Chinglish is a crazy funny comedy that pokes fun at the West’s colourful interactions with China. The production will be streamed with captions and do note that Chinglish was given an Advisory 16 (mature content and coarse language).

Alternatively, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’ musical will be on YouTube for free. So after you catch this musical you can go over to Vimeo to catch Chinglish.


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