KeepCup new thermal travel mug range

If you are all about sustainable living, you must have heard of KeepCup. KeepCup is travel mug that was designed in Australia as an alternative to those to-go cups that are terrible for the environment.

The usual cult favourite KeepCup is has a silicone lid and is made of glass with a cork band around it. But the interesting thing about KeepCups are they do not advertise themselves as a travel cup that keeps your coffee warm. And after years of waiting, KeepCup finally came out with a thermal range that would keep our coffee nice and hot.

Introducing the new KeepCup thermal range:

They come in 6 different colours and 3 different sizes (Small 6oz/ 177ml, Medium 12oz/ 340ml, Large 160z/ 454ml). It has the classic KeepCup look that we all love (So glad that they did not drastically change the design).

Now, for the most important question…where can i get them? There are a handful of online stores that carries KeepCup: Lazada, Rally Rally, Shopee, Tangs, Trippy Travelers and Miss Hosay. Happy shopping!

If you would like us to review this KeepCup thermal range, drop us a comment below. In the meantime, read our review on the Best Healthy Cereals for Breakfast while you wait for your new KeepCup to arrive.


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