Enjoy $1 off your meals at Long John Silver’ when you opt for No Drinks

From now til 12th May, opt for no drinks when ordering your takeaway to enjoy $1 off your favourite golden, crispy meals.

Its also healthier option to stay away from the gassy, sugary drinks and just get your mineral plain water to drink after/during your meal. The deep fry is good enough.

You can use the dollar-off promotion on the following meals:

  • Fish & Chicken
  • 3pc Chicken
  • 2pc Chicken & 2pc Shrimp
  • Fish & 2pc Shrimp
  • 2pc Fish
  • 2pc Dory

You can get your takeaway daily between 11am to 8pm. However, do take note that 6 of their outlets are closed from now til 1st June 2020. There are:

The offer is going to end in a few days, so go order yours today. In the mean time, Tiger Sugar recently launched an island-wide delivery, read here for more information.


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