Video Chat coming to Tinder later this year

Tinder is set to launch a one-on-one video chat later this year in it’s own app. This was revealed earlier today in the Match Group’s (Tinder parent company) shareholder letter.

Details of the video chat has not been disclosed, but one can be sure this is a huge feature to add into a text-based communication dating platform. The letter also mention that this video chat feature is in-response to the current pandemic where people are unable to meet up for in-person dates and unsure as to how long these safety precautions will last while the need for social interaction remains.

Video chat is not a new feature and certainly not in the dating scene, but with a brand as big as Tinder, we can only imagine the number of issues and abuse that could happen on this potential feature. Especially if the video chat is not monitored. 

We don’t think it’s fair to comment any more without any further information from Tinder, otherwise, this might just be a dick move.


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