Coronavirus Explained: The new Netflix original series that you didn’t know you needed – Review

With the current COVID19 outbreak, there are many unanswered questions about this virus. Why can’t we contain the situation better and faster if we have already experienced SARS and MERS? What can we do to stop the spread of the virus? Why are we experiencing this pandemic even with our current technology advancements? Coronavirus Explained may just answer your questions. Like we said, this new Netflix original series is a series you never knew you needed to watch.

Just in the first episode, Netflix has already provided information that we did not know about COVID19. In addition, Netflix explains why public health authorities or politicians are doing what they are doing. For example, why public health authorities are stressing on the importance of washing our hands instead of just telling us to do so. The series also gives us an in-depth explanation on why the virus is more fatal for a certain age group. Or why it is affecting a certain sex (male/ female) a lot more.

Something we found really helpful were the visual explanations. We have all been reading and watching the news, keeping ourselves updated with the current situation. But we have always found it difficult to actually understand what this virus is. The media throws medical jargons at us but none has done it better at explaining them than this new Netflix original mini series. With the visual explanations, it paints a literal picture of what this virus is. It also illustrates how it mutates and affects our body.

We would like to recommend this series to people who does not understand the importance of social distancing. You will be surprised but there are many who still does not get why we need social distancing. Coronavirus Explained takes us back in time, to give us evidence of how social distancing was used and how effective it was. You should also show this series to people who think that they are immune to this virus. We need to let them know that no country or person is immune to a pandemic. Netflix has done a wonderful job of giving us a honest explanation of why a pandemic has the greatest risk of killing people. It is not just from the virus but how it affects the economy and in turn affects people who did not get the virus.

Coronavirus Explained is an educational and informative series that we would recommend everyone to watch. It is easy to understand but most importantly relatable. So with that in mind, let’s all do our part  in this pandemic as “the campaign against infectious disease can succeed only if the public cooperate”. Coronavirus Explained is BRUTALLY APPROVED.

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