Alcoholic drinks nightout by yourself: A Japanese Beer Review

An extension to the circuit breaker means another month of unopened bars and unable to socialise in person. So, following up on our previous German Beer Review, we found more beers that we can buy and drink from home, while hanging out with friends over other hangout apps on the phone.

Japanese beers are unique in identity in the market. Their beers are usually light and “dry”, very similar to most pilsners you find on the market, yet very distinctive in taste. The common brands you find in the supermarket in bars are your Asahis and Sapporos, the less common brand would be Kirin and lastly, Orion, a brand that we never knew existed until we went to delve more on Japanese beer.

Asahi Dry

Of the most common and affordable beers out there, Asashi has made a reputation for itself by being a staple by being tasty and cheap. It’s a drink that is smooth and the aftertaste doesn’t linger in your mouth. It does its job well and is perfect to drink over an extended period of time through the night. Because of how smooth it tastes, drinking cartons of them through a night is a reasonable proposition. Asahi Dry gets a BRUTAL APPROVED.

$18.35 for 6 cans of 350ml


The other popular Japanese Beer. Sapporo can be found in any leading supermarkets and convenience stores as well as the popular bars. Sapporo and Asashi are very similar in their flavour profile, by being light, smooth drinks. Sapporo differs by being slightly thicker and more bitter than Asahi. Each mouthful is rich in flavours and warms the soul. Sapporo gets a BRUTALLY APPROVED.

$16.50 for 6 cans of 330ml


Kirin is quite an interesting beer. It is less foamy, less gassy and has a very similar flavour profile to Asahi & Sapporo. The biggest difference Kirin has compared to the others is how the drink is more aromatic in taste. Very similar to what you get from a craft beer which a very pleasant surprise definitely a yes in our books. BRUTALLY APPROVED!

$18.90 for 6cans of 350ml


The most disappointing among all the Japanese beers we tried. It’s very different in terms of flavour profile from the rest of the Japanese beers. It’s very thin and light in flavour, one might say it tastes watery. The aftertaste is strong and bitter, which was very unpleasant. It tastes cheap and it looks cheap. This is one to avoid no matter the circumstances. BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED.

$18.90 for 5 cans of 350ml

Overall, the prices between each of the Japanese brands are very similar, with the exception of Orion, they are all great in taste and you should get them if you are looking for a quick mental holiday. The only decision you have to make when buying is to know what kind of flavours you are craving for. For something light and simple, go Asahi. For something richer, go Sapporo and for something different, go for Kirin.

Wee Wei Song

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