CP Ready-To-Eat Gourmet Meals – Singapore Food Review

Charoen Pokphand Foods, also known as CP Foods, is a well-known brand amongst the locals. Mention the name CP and the first thing that will pop up will be about their famous Shrimp Wonton.

It’s also one of the ready-to-eat brands that people will get for an easy meal. These ready-to-eat meals are great during times when you don’t feel like cooking or leaving the house to buy food. And those “times” would be now, especially during this circuit breaker period.

Their choices of food have some of the best tasting ready-to-eat-meals. They have also kept their prices affordable. So with that, we will be reviewing 3 CP Gourmet Ready-to-Eat Meals to see if they really have the gourmet taste.

You can get them at your supermarket like FairPrice, Cold Storage and even your nearby 7-11.

Note: Each meal is 320g for the price of $5.50 each (depending on where you purchase them)

We will be reviewing the meals by tasting a spoonful each and judging them based on whether they are “gourmet” enough. Keep in mind that these are ready-to-eat meals so there will definitely be a difference between them and freshly cooked ones.

We will take note of the appearance, smell, taste, quantity as well as price.

  1. Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

Appearance: After 5 minutes of heating as per the instructions, the rice looked like those fake plastic food in glass casings outside Japanese restaurants. Also, they were separated like grain by grain. We picked out a few rice grains and noticed that some areas of it were opaque white as though it wasn’t cooked. We reheated it again for 3 minutes again, then it was fine.

The teriyaki sauce was thinly smeared over 5-8 pieces of chicken, 3 pieces of carrots and 3 pieces of spinach.

Smell: It had a strong teriyaki smell that wasn’t so appealing to us. After tasting, it left a weird aftertaste in our mouths.

Taste: There was the teriyaki taste but also a soy sauce taste. The soy sauce was prominent as compared to the teriyaki. The chicken was soft and tender but together with the spinach, it spoiled the taste.


Overall, the taste is on point. It’s just the spinach that destroys it. Other than that, the chicken, the sauce with the rice is tasty. Also, make sure you heat it properly so the rice is heated thoroughly. We would have to give it a BRUTAL DISAPPROVE rating though, only because of the spinach.

2. Chicken Green Curry with Rice

Appearance: The curry was pale green and looked creamy. The vegetable on top of the curry was spinach. We had the same issue with the rice. Even after 5 minutes in the microwave (as per instructions), we had to reheat for another 3 minutes to make sure it was fully cooked.

Smell: The green curry smell was mild but the lime leaf smell was evident.

Taste: The curry was had a thick coconut taste and was slightly spicy from the chilli padi. The chicken was coated with the curry and was tender too. There was the typical Thai taste of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. But again, the spinach ruined it! And the spinach took up most of space in the curry rather than the chicken.


Generally, the rice and curry tastes like your typical Thai green curry, but just a little bit bland. The chicken is great with the curry and rice but do not, we repeat, do no eat the spinach because it really destroyed the overall taste. It was so yucky. As for the quantity, it might be sufficient for a small eater. With that, we’d have to give it another BRUTAL DISAPPROVED rating again, all because of the spinach.

3. Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce

Appearance: The pasta had the typical pale yellow colour like what you get when you boil your own and that sauce was plain red without any toppings. There were 3 -4 slices of button mushrooms in the sauce as well.

Smell: The pasta had a strong milky smell (we were confused as to why) while the sauce had the tomato based, soury smell.

Taste: The pasta was soft and chewy and the sauce had strong peppery taste. Overall, the taste of the pasta and the sauce together gave a balanced taste. The bits of chicken in the sauce also helped enhance the taste.


The pasta was kind to the palate with a general taste of pasta with tomato sauce that was tasty. The quantity, however, was more suitable for a small eater. So if you want a light lunch or dinner then it will be good, or else its not filling. For the price and quantity, it’s a BRUTAL APPROVED.

In conclusion, CP Foods ready-to-eat meals are convenient and if you don’t mind the small portions, you could make space for emergency last minute meals in your freezer. It’s a good option to get when you want quick meals but do not expect the best standards with instant foods as such. Lastly, don’t pick those that come with spinach.

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