Extraction: Even Chris Hemsworth can’t save this movie – Netflix Original review

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worst, Extraction launched in Netflix. It is almost painful to write this review. With all the hype created by Chris Hemsworth posting his choreographed stunts on Instagram, all it did was create false hope. That is right, Extraction needs to get extracted from Netflix.

Right at the start of the movie, we can already guess how each character is going to end up. We have Chris Hemsworth: The guy with a tortured past, doing dangerous things to try and redeem himself. Next we have the kidnapped boy: The boy that only wants to experience normal life but his life is anything but normal. Put them together and you have just about every other action movie out there; Cliché. A quick question to the writers, is it not strange or suspicious to have a massive Caucasian walking around a ghetto area in Asia? Wouldn’t he be the easiest target to spot? Can’t really be in stealth mode when you stick out like a sore thumb.

Extraction also carries just about what every typical action movie has: High speed car chases, dramatic gun fights, hand to hand combat, knife combat, police in cahoots with the criminals, they are in a foreign country. Oh! Let’s not forget explosions. We can’t forget about explosions. With that in mind, we do have another question to the writers. Is there a need to look through a pair of binoculars to see an explosion that is close by? Is it because you wanted the actor to have a closer view of the smoke? Please enlighten us.  

We guess, the saving grace in this movie are the stunts and fight scenes. It is filled with it. There are many elaborate combat scenes, that even we have to admit were pretty amazing. However, that is where all the ‘amazing’ ends. Wait, maybe Chris Hemsworth speaking in his Australian accent gives it another point and the amazing cast. Otherwise, we can safely say that that is just about all the good things we can get from the movie. Extraction is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED.

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