Best Tom Yum Instant Noodles while #stayhome – Brutal Asians Singapore Review

We’re continuing our hunt to find the best instant noodles, where the last time we found out what the Best Mi Goreng Instant Noodles were while trapped staying at home. This time, we’ll be reviewing a type of flavour that’s a classic in the Thai Cuisine: Tom Yum.

Characterised by its distinct blend of spicy and sour flavours, and with fragrant spices used in the broth, Tom Yum originates from Thailand and is made with fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, lime leaves, red chilli and fish sauce.

During this circuit breaker, the feels to cook from scratch would be UGH (or we are just lazy). So the other alternative would be to get instant noodles that can satisfy your taste buds. But which one? You may ask. Fret not, we are here to review 3 Tom Yum instant noodles for you.

You can easily get any of them at any convenient stores or supermarkets

We reviewed the noodles according to appearance, smell, taste, texture and price to conclude which instant noodle brand can satisfy your Tom Yum crave.

So the question we asked ourselves before rating them out of 5 would be, “Does it satisfy my Tom Yum cravings?”

Mama Shrimp Creamy Tom YumPrice: $2.45

Appearance: The soup was light brown and the noodles were pale. It also had white particles floating which could be the cream. It really wasn’t appetising.

Smell: There was no Tom Yum smell which was confusing because the packaging stated “Tom Yum flavour”.

Taste: There is a creamy, more of a mild laksa taste rather than Tom Yum.

Texture: The noodles were thinner compared to Maggi and KOKA. It’s not springy too.

Rating: 2/5

Maggi Tom YumPrice: $2.20

Appearance: The soup was brownish with a bright red and a layer of oil on the surface. The soup looked as though it was homemade. It was appetising.

Smell: There was strong Tom Yum smell. You could smell the sourness, the spiciness and even the lemongrass.

Taste: It was the spiciest and tastiest as compared to the other two brands. It was a little spicy but bearable (depends on your tolerance level).

Texture: The noodles were springy and chewy. It was the perfect texture after boiling. We love that in our instant noodles!

Rating: 4/5

Koka Tom YumPrice: $2.35

Appearance: The soup was orangey and not appealing at all. The noodles were quite pale too. It looked like a sick Tom Yum.

Smell: There was a strong dried shrimp smell that was awful. It was the only brand that had that smell. The Tom Yum smell was neither here or there.

Taste: There was no Tom Yum taste at all and it was so bland. It can be said that this was the worst. But there was a tinge of seafood taste. Overall, it tasted a bit like hospital soup.

Texture: The noodles were not chewy or springy. The worst among the three.

Rating: 2.5/5


We can say that the cheapest brand was the most satisfying one. Maggi Tom Yum at $2.20 was the best out of the 3 brands with the taste and smell of homemade Tom Yum. You definitely won’t regret this cheap buy.

The runner up would be KOKA Tom Yum at $2.35. Even though there wasn’t much Tom Yum taste but there was the seafood-ness in it. Not really worth it but if you want to go for a more “healthier” choice, KOKA it is.

The last one was obviously be MAMA Tom Yum at $2.45. It was leaning more towards a laksa taste rather than Tom Yum maybe because of the creaminess of the soup. A total waste of money if you’re craving for Tom Yum!


#1 Maggi Tom Yum

#2 KOKA Tom Yum

#3 MAMA Tom Yum

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