Know your baguette, brioche, sourdough. Different bread types and what they’re for.

Bread doesn’t only have to revolve around white and wholemeal bread for breakfast. There is actually a huge variety of which each has different purposes.

You should know which bread is for what so that you will be able to maximise the taste. This is also to make sure that you don’t go wasting your money on the wrong type of bread.

Here’s a list of bread types and how you should actually be eating them:



The long, stick-like loaf, also called French bread or French loaf. It’s chewy and feather-light interior is often used for panini or submarine sandwiches. It can be dipped in gravy too such as your curries.

Bread sticks


It’s like a smaller and thinner version of the baguette. It’s often served with with cheese and garlic as an appetiser or as a dessert -with icing and cinnamon.



With the extra addition of eggs, butter and milk, it’s rich and tender. It can be served on it’s own or be used as hamburger buns, dinner rolls or in French toast.



Usually broad, flat and has a collapsed middle, it’s best for sandwiches and paninis. Paninis is a type of sandwich served warmed by grilling or toasting. It is also often served alongside olive oil.



A flat bread that’s flavoured with fresh herbs and garlic. It has the similar texture to pizza crust and is often enjoyed on its own or dipping in soup. It could also be served with melted cheese and chopped vegetables.

Pita Bread


Being soft and round, once the bread is cut in half, it has a pocket inside. The pocket is made from cooking at a high temperature which then causes the dough to puff up leaving the pocket in the middle. It can either be stuffed or act as a wrap. Could even be dipped into sauces when being cut into wedges and toasted.

Rye Bread


It’s an important type of bread to deli sandwich lovers. It’s comes in different shades, light, medium or dark, depending on the which part of the rye berry is used. It’s best for corned beef sandwiches, specifically.



Known as an ancient type of bread, its made by slowly fermenting the dough naturally with bacteria and yeast. It also has a mild sour taste. It actually good for digestion and blood sugar control.

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