Best Mi Goreng Instant Noodles – Brutal Asians Singapore Review

Instant noodles would be most of our go-to choice whenever we’re hungry but too lazy to cook a proper meal. It’s like a snack (because you can prepare it in less than 10 minutes) and a meal (because it fills you up) at the same time.

There are many brands out there. Some might be our favourites, some might be a brand we grew up with and some might be new to the instant noodle community. But today, we are narrowing down to mi gorengs.

There are two types of instant noodles out there – soup and dry. And we really love dry noodles, so today we are narrowing down to a cult classic: MI GORENG

WingsFood Mi Sedap

Price: $1.65 – 5 x 91g

One of the cheapest brands out there – Wings Food Mi Sedap’s seasoning comes with manas pedas (chili sauce) to spice the noodles up and crispy fried onions for garnish. Quantity of the noodles is sufficient and the flavor is excellent. Definitely worth it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Indomie Mi Segera

Price: $2.00 – 5 x 85g

Indomie’s noodles are bouncy after cooking it. Once the noodles are added, it’s a sweet, salty and spicy combo in your mouth. The quantity of the noodles are decent as well. Nothing to regret.

Ratings: 4/5

Ibumie Always Mi Goreng

Price: $2.30 – 5 x 80g

The noodles were a good chew however the quantity of the noodles was not so much. Flavour wise, it had a sweet and a tinge of spiciness in it. The black sauce (soy sauce) gave the sweet taste that made it appetising. You’ll also feel a little dryness at the back of your throat.

Rating: 3.5/5

Maggi Mi Goreng

Price: $3.20 – 390g

The noodles of Maggi Mi Goreng are chewy with a rich taste from the seasoning. The level of spiciness is bearable. You can taste the “kampung’ ness of it which is what they have claimed on the packaging.

Rating: 3/5

Cintan Mee Goreng Ala Indonesia

Price: $2.25- 5 x 78g

The noodles were not that springy and the flavour of it was on the sweeter side. The quantity of the noodles after cooking would not satisfy you if you are really hungry. There’s no unique taste of Indonesia, it tastes like a more bland version of the other mi goreng out there.

Rating: 2.5/5

* Please note that all of the mentioned noodles can be found at any supermarket or convenient stores *

In conclusion, considering the quantity, taste and price, our ranking for the dry instant noodle – mi goreng – would be:

#1 Mi Sedap

#2 Indomie

#3 Ibumie Mi Goreng

#4 Maggi Mi Goreng

#5 Cintan Mee Goreng ala Indonesia.

So now you know which mi goreng you should throw into your basket and indulge in this #stayhome period.

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