Delicious foods near your supermarket that you didn’t know were vegan

Vegan – what is it? Or more like who is it? It’s a person who chooses not to consume diary, egg or any other products of animal origin like meat and poultry.

Some might wonder – what in the world do they eat then? Some might also have the impression that vegan food are all things plant-based with a dull taste.

Yes, that is true (the plant-based part) but there are tasty vegan foods out there that don’t require you to sacrifice your tastebuds.

Trust us, there are vegan food out there that we didn’t know and is worth trying.

  1. Nush Diary Free Almond Milk Yoghurt – 350g

Price: $12.90
Where to get:

The almond taste wasn’t that strong but if you don’t really fancy almonds, there’s a whole range of flavours that you can pick and choose from. Other than yoghurt, they also have spreads like the Nush Diary Free Spread Sweet Chilli.

2. Nutri Soy Milk – 1 Litre

Price: $2.25
Where to get:

This can be seen at any store near you. You don’t have to particularly go to the supermarket to get it and it is a great substitute for milk.

Even though it’s made from soya beans, it is high in calcium, trans-fat and cholesterol-free. Tastes great too.

3. Kellogg’s Cornflakes Jumbo – 500g

Price: $3.95
Where to get:

Made from real corn, Kellogg’s crispy and golden flakes is delicious at every bite. It’s light but gives you a full tummy after a bowl of it for breakfast.

4. Lay’s Classic

Price: $4.35
Where to get:

Cooked and seasoned to perfectly crispy and full of fresh potato taste, Lay’s Classic has no artificial flavours and preservatives.

5. Pringles Original – 207g

Price: $2.20
Where to get:—original-12387345

It’s the one salty snack that hits you every time without fail. Pringles Original is made out of nothing other than plant base products, vegan friendly. You can get it at a minimart near you.

6. Myojo Instant Noodles – Mushroom – 5x80g

Price: $2.00
Where to get:

Cheap, tasty and vegan friendly. Myojo is one of the instant noodle brands that carries vegetarian flavour.

7. Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce -510g

Price: $2.35
Where to get:

Capturing the essence of shiitake mushrooms, this vegetarian sauce is great for braising and enriching any vegan dish or even use as a dip.

8. Mili Mock Chicken – 280g

Price: $2.10
Where to get:

Mock basically means fake so it’s fake chicken in a can. It’s made using soy proteins but will taste like real chicken one you eat it. You can try having it just like that or like a sandwich.

9. Nature’s Superfoods Roasted Coconut Flakes – 100g

Price: $3.90
Where to get:

These coconut flakes is made of organic coconut flesh from Sri Lanka. It’s fragrant, crunchy texture is perfect for guilty-free munching.

10. Natura Soy – Chocolate – 946ml

Price: $4.50
Where to get:

As a preferred alternative to cow’s milk, it’s made entirely of natural ingredients, vitamins and essentials minerals which are good for the body. This isn’t made from a concentrate and is vegan -friendly.

You might be familiar with some of the mentioned brands and did not even know it was vegan friendly. Yet, it still tastes great. So why not try the others and you might have a change of heart towards vegan food.

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