Rotten tomatoes worst Netflix movie ratings: Are they true? – Netflix Singapore review

Have you ever looked at Rotten Tomatoes for a movie review? We bet that many of you have done so. You put your trust into the ‘professional’ reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. But how may of those reviews are truly as they say? So… we decided to review the Top 5 worst rating (0%) Netflix movies according to Rotten Tomatoes. Are they as bad as it seem? We will find out.

Drive (0%)

A Bollywood fast and furious rip off. These seven words perfectly summarised what Drive is all about. We can now understand why Drive skipped a theatrical release and went directly to Netflix. There can only be one way to watch this movie. That is with a bottle of wine on one hand and maybe 12 more on the coffee table.

There is no easy way to say this but Drive is ridiculously low-budget and terrible. CGIs that should be kept in the 90s. An action movie with cars that could include a “Not a single car was harmed during the movie” sign. We would also like to ask the movie to keep their cheesy lines to themselves and just drive off: “Big boy toys drive night”, “It’s difficult to say if you are more sexy or your driving”. Please, just keep those lines and drive them away. We guessed that the editors missed the part of the editing where they were supposed to delete the whole movie.

At its core, Drive is trying to not be the worst movie on Rotten tomatoes. No matter how hard we want to debunk the claims that the reviews on Rotten tomatoes are not accurate, this movie is just terrible. Drive isn’t even able to fit into the ‘it’s so bad but so good’ category. Unfortunately, we would have to BRUTALLY APPROVE with Rotten tomatoes’ ratings. This is one of the worst movies on Netflix.

Naked (0%)

Looking for an easy to watch rom com? Or a movie that would tug on your heart strings? Then Naked is the movie for you. Naked is a remake of a 2000 Swedish film, Naken. 

Butts, beautiful butts essential but hardly ever seen. The slight nudity in the movie gives you a great view of our actor’s (Marlon Wayans) butt. It actually makes the movie that much funnier. The movie relies heavily on Wayans’ presence to deliver as he plays the same storyline over and over again. Let us explain: Wayans character Rob finds himself stuck in an elevator completely nude (butt scene!!). Without knowing why he was there in the first place. As he was freed, he realises that he is in the wrong hotel and his wedding has started. He goes through a series of events only to find himself in the elevator, nude over and over again. 

Naked is a light hearted romantic comedy not meant to be taken seriously. It is perfect for a ladies night. Pop open a champagne or two. Plop yourselves down onto your couch and stream the movie. We do need to emphasis that if you are looking for a P.S I love you type of heart wrenching love story, this is not it. If you are looking for a Zoolander type comedy, this is not it as well. Butt, get it? Butt, if you’re looking for a kinder and gentler romantic comedy film, this is the one. We BRUTALLY DISAPPROVE with Rotten tomatoes’ ratings.  

Father of the year (0%)

Father of the year is an Adam Sandler film without Adam Sandler. Cynical, boring, mean-spirited, childish, borderline dumb and absolutely ridiculous. We have listed all the appropriate adjectives that could describe this movie. 

The movie is filled with bro jokes, worsening lines and unwanted characters. This is one of those movies where angsty college kids are likeable. Any, if not all of the movie’s humour was drawn from the two college kids. Good jobs guys, you almost saved the movie. But, unfortunately, you couldn’t because the fathers killed it. Literally killed all the humour in the movie. Let us summarise the plot for you: two teenagers have losers as dads. Both dads battles it out and it leads to a series of unfortunate events. Totally childish and unenjoyable. 

There isn’t much to say other than this movie is CRAP. And this is us trying to be nice. Hopefully Netflix would do us a favour and just remove this movie at the end of the month. Yet another movie where we would have to BRUTALLY APPROVE with Rotten tomatoes’ ratings. 

True Memoirs of an International Assassin (0%)

True Memoirs of an International Assassin brings us a comedy that is dramatically cliche. But is it a bad thing? We would say no. It brings cheap action and terrible gags but enjoyable enough to get a good laugh. If you are looking for an easy to watch silly movie, you have found it.

You can see that the movie is trying to be another 007 but the editors and writers got lost somewhere. There was so much potential in the storyline but just really bad execution. It has a predictable plot: nerd wants to be hero turns into actual hero, Yippee! (note the sarcasm). We do have to say that the movie is great for background noise if your music player isn’t working during dinner. Not only does it have a predictable plot, it is borderline lame. Ok, no, we take that back, it is just lame. Maybe, we are being too harsh but the movie looks and feels rushed. Let’s not forget about the font they used in their visual display – Times New Roman. Wow. Effort.

We assumed that The Memoirs of an International Assassin would follow in the footsteps of Adam Sandler’s comedy movies: cheap laughs, maybe one or two big budget explosions and end the movie. It is not what a good action comedy is but you know what to expect. This movie not only did not provide cheap laughs but everything seems low budget. We would have to BRUTALLY APPROVE with Rotten tomatoes’ ratings.

The Ridiculous 6 (0%)

What did The Ridiculous 6 do to our beautiful Taylor Lautner! Our beautiful werewolf is not beautiful anymore. Oh wait, thats a different movie. But despite ruining Lautner’s face, the movie is actually pretty decent. We do not have high hopes for any Adam Sandler movies. Just cause its Adam Sandler. But this movie, really surprised us. 

Think Kung Fu Hustle meets A million ways to die in the West. Even after reading a waterfall of bad reviews on this movie, we can’t help but to disagree with them. Who watches an Adam Sandler movie and expects it to be a heart-pounding action movie or a tear jerker? If you were, we believe that you have never watched a single Adam Sandler movie, ever. The Ridiculous 6 carries whats good in Sandler’s movies, good humour and playful banter. If you’re expecting more, we are sorry but that’s all you will be getting and it is more than enough for us. It is that sort of movie where you just want to have a couple of laughs with your pals on a Saturday night.

The Ridiculous 6 is strangely addictive, hilarious and just like its title ridiculous. And hey, if you enjoy the occasional racist stereotype, this movie has it. We will definitely watch it again. We are glad to BRUTALLY DISAPPROVE with Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings. 

In the end, we brutally approved with 3 of Rotten tomatoes ratings. So maybe, just maybe, Rotten tomatoes knows what they are talking about. If you are looking to watching something amazing read our review on Kingdom Season 2 that is out on Netflix Singapore.


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