Can we Vanish tough stains with Vanish Stain Removal? – Detergent Review Singapore

The Battle of the Vanish-es

Vanish claims that their products are able to remove all types of stains even the tough ones. Here are the 3 products that we will be testing out so you don’t have to. Let’s see if Vanish can really vanish stains! (get it? haha)

Standing from the left, we have Vanish Oxi Action coming at $14.95 in the powder form. This formula is said to be able to remove tough dried and all types of stains.

The powder needs to be mixed with water and some scrubbing on the stain for it to do its vanishing.


In the center, we have Vanish Power Gel at $11. The name says it all, it’s in a gel consistency. The bottle comes with a cap that can be used to remove your stain. It is said to also be able to remove all types of stains.


Lastly, we have the Vanish Liquid, coming at $6.95 and of course, it comes in liquid form. Said to be able to remove all types of stubborn stains. A cup of this into the laundry would be sufficient to clean and whiten clothes.


They all came from the same brand, but do they work the same way? This was how our budget experiment looked like, don’t judge.

We then stained the white cloths with the soy sauce and lipstick. Then marked each cloth to make sure we remember which is which. Recalling the previous indoor detergent video, we really did not think either of the Vanish could remove the soy sauce stain nor the lipstick stain because of how tough they are but then…..

We tried our best to put the same amount of everything to ensure a fair test. So, each cloth had the on spoon of soy sauce and 5 wipes of the lipstick.

We used our fingers to rub on each stain and it was a BAD BAD idea. It left our fingers with a burning sensation!! (ALERT! DO NOT HAVE DIRECT CONTACT WITH VANISH)

There was also a strong chemical smell coming from all 3 products. Its kind of stinged our eyes and made us a little light headed. (ANOTHER ALERT! DO NOT INHALE!)

After going through all that pain, the results were satisfying (sort of). Keep in mind this was one wash.


Referring back to the first picture, the first row was stained with soy sauce while the second was with lipstick.

It can be concluded that lipstick is definitely a pain in the ass to wash off your clothes.  All 3 products managed to lightened the colour of the lipstick but the stain is still visible. But for the soy sauce, it removed everything! No trace at all!

Here’s a ranking of which product removed most of the stains. This would be according to how much stain is removed and lightened.

  1. Gel
  2. Powder
  3. Liquid

It can also be concluded while Vanish products do work for certain kinds of stains, its huge claim of removing all sorts of stains were not met. 80% is not 100%, Vanish. Thus, Vanish gets a Brutal Disapproved from us.

Now, vanish still does some work and if you want to get one for yourself, you can buy them here!


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