Smirnoff Review – The best value Vodka Alcoholic Drink in Singapore?

In the next few days, we will be uploading an episode on Alcohol and Mixers. Specifically, we want to find out what non-common drinks are suitable to be used as a mixer with alcohol. In that episode, we used Smirnoff Vodka for that test and we ended up really loving that drink, so we decided to write a piece about it prior to the release.

Vodka is typically known as the drink that is from Russia and ‘burns’ you real hard when you drink it. But did you know that it has both Russian and Polish roots? It’s a drink that is commonly drank to keep warm during the cold icy weather of the North. These days, Vodka is no longer a North Europe exclusive and its taste has spread throughout the world. You can easily find Vodka at any bars or supermarket near you.

Now, let’s look at Smirnoff. It originated from Russia but it’s currently under the British company Diageo, who owns, produces and distributes Smirnoff throughout the world. 

Smirnoff is considered one of the cheaper brands of Vodka around in Singapore, costing roughly around $40-50 for a 700ml bottle in the supermarket. Taste wise, Smirnoff has that sharp alcoholic taste that is associated with Vodka yet still tastes clean and clear: a common trait in most Vodkas in the market, but the biggest difference between Smirnoff compared to other cheaper brands of Vodka is that it is exceptionally smooth when it goes down your throat. Sure it burns a little, but nothing that makes you gag or want to puke. You feel alive at the end of each shot.

Speaking of shots, Vodka traditionally was drank as a shot, without mixers and no rocks. But when people started experimenting with Vodka, it became a popular base for most of the cocktails you see today. It’s easy to understand why. Vodka is great drink to be mixed with and the flavour you can get out of it is exceptional. Smirnoff is a common brand that is used as this base and I will attest to how clean and pure this Vodka taste is.

Lastly, we did a quick search on what Vodkas are available (in Singapore) in our local supermarkets, and these are what we found:

Absolut: $50

Smirnoff $49

Mirror’s Vodka $39

Ao No Umi Japanese Vodka $79

Value-wise, we think Smirnoff has the edge over its competitors. It’s priced around the mid-range and its closest price competitor, Absolut, is not a great Vodka drink when it’s neat. Absolut is rough, strong and got us getting gag reflexes too easily. On the other hand, Smirnoff tastes like a $60-70 Vodka while maintaining a cheaper price point. It’s one spirit that we recommend all to get if you are looking for a great value for money Vodka.

We just want to highlight, these are our personal experiences and everyone’s alcoholic experience may differ. The value that Smirnoff gives is great. It may not be the best Vodka, but it’s definitely the best with its price point. Smirnoff gets a Brutal Approved from us.

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