Classic movies on Netflix Singapore that we reviewed before they get taken off end April 2020

As you all know, every month, Netflix removes a whole bunch of movies and Tv series. A total of 8 movies would be leaving Netflix Singapore on the 30th of April 2020. But would you want to read 8 reviews of movies? We did not think so. So we narrowed it down to 5 movies that were released before 2000. We are going on the big assumption here that movies released before 2000s are harder to find online. Not to mention, probably movies that you have never even heard of. So let the reviews begin!

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

If it wasn’t for this movie being on the list of movies leaving Netflix Singapore, we would have never known that it existed. For all you psychological thriller fans out there, this movie is for you. It is a classic thriller/ horror movie that would make you shit your pants. Especially, if you are an Art house horror manic. 

This movie brings us into the cautionary tale of a paranoid pregnant woman who thinks that her husband is cheating on her. Sounds cliche? Yes it is but the plot doesn’t end there. Rosemary’s baby goes against the norms of all horror movies. How? A great deal of information is given to the audience and you will know what is going to happen. It creates this suspense of “Oh my goodness, he is going to die! He IS going to die!”. You can’t stop thinking about what is going to happen because you know what WILL happen. 

Rosemary’s baby (1968) is a an Art house classic that movies buffs should watch. Stream it on Netflix Singapore before it leaves at the end of April 2020. Rosemary’s baby is BRUTALLY APPROVED.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Here we have another cult classic. Friday the 13th. The movie that started it all. We can safely say that this is an iconic slasher film. In other words, ‘kill you off one by one’ movie. For all you movie lovers out there, if you’ve not watched this movie, please do not call yourself a movie lover. 

Friday the 13th started one of the longest running franchises in horror history. The movie set a solid foundation for the films that follows. We can also safely say that Friday the 13th set some of the classic horror movie rules that we have all come to love: Always believe the crazy person when he/she tells you that a place is dangerous. If you don’t you die. Don’t travel in groups at night (especially college kids). If you do, you die. Don’t have sex and don’t accept rides from strangers. If you do, you die. If you feel like you’re being watched, you probably are and will eventually die.

This is a gory movie. Gruesome violence with realistic details thrown around throughout the movie. But who doesn’t like a little bit of stabbing action here and there. Ok, maybe not everyone. But the main take from the movie is the mystery and there are enough deaths to please all the gore fanatics. Friday the 13th is BRUTALLY APPROVED.


We bet everyone has heard to “The Godfather” the classic mafia movie. Even if you’ve not watched it, we bet that everyone knows the theme song. Is the tune playing in your head right now? Because, for us it is.  

To be brutally honest here, Goodfellas is an incredible classic film. But it is only amazing back in the 90s. It has beautiful cinematic visuals and you can see the amount of effort placed into every scene. But that could be all. Oh, and of course, let’s not forget about the amazing cast. However, it felt like we were watching the movie through a looking glass. There is also this disassociation where the audience isn’t invited to identify with the main character.

Ultimately, we feel that it’s a great movie for film students but for regulars like us, maybe skip it. Or if you have a solid  2 hours and 30 minutes to spare, maybe give it a go. But we would not encourage it. Goodfellas is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED

The Craft (1996)

Angsty teenage movie. Those are the 3 words we have all decided to use to describe the movie. Horror? Nah. It is a soap opera, condensed into a movie. So in a condensed version of how to describe this movie, UNBEARABLE. 

We love a good horror or two. Just a few classic movies to pull out during halloween. But this is not one of them. It is a cliche movie: New girl enters high school. Couldn’t fit in and started to hang out with the misfits. Misfits likes witchcraft and allowed the new girl into their group. Yes, allowed. The group manages to unleash their magical potential. But new girl doesn’t like how the misfits are using their magic. Thus, good witch vs bad witch.

We do have to say that The Craft has a great cast. But that’s just about it. The only saving grace is not enough to save the movie from its teen angst and predictable plot. Oh wait, there is a silver lining! Netflix Singapore is removing this movie at the end of April 2020. Netflix Singapore, thank you so much for removing this movie from our lives. The Craft is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED

Space Jam (1996)

All you 90s kids out there. We bet that you know Space Jam. The classic Micheal Jordan, Looney Toons movie. Would this movie be considered a classic? Even though it has a combination of both real life and animation? Hell Yeah! Space Jam is our Jam. Ok, we got to tone down on our cheesiness. But from the tone so far we bet that you know how we feel about this movie.

“Together they might just save the world” with basketball. That’s right, this movie is so corny. But in a good way. It’s just enough corniness that makes the movie humorous. You would just have a smile plastered on the entire time. If you are able to look past all the product placements, Space Jam could just help all the depressed millennials out there. Space Jam is a salve for all the dashed dreams and crushing disappointments that we have as an adult. The movie carried the best formula of funny story telling, amazing cast and of course Looney Toons. 

Space Jam is by far, the best live action and animation collaboration ever. Does it make you want to shoot some hoops? Maybe. But does it bring you back to the good old days? Yes. Are you able to watch this show with your kids and parents? Yes! Space Jam is BRUTALLY APPROVED.

Alternatively, if classic movies are not your thing, read our review on Jay Chou’s J-style trip that’s on Netflix as well. Do not worry, that’s not leaving at the end of April 2020.



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