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By now everyone must have heard about how bad Singapore Social is. It encompasses all the bad qualities of a reality show, cringe and ridiculous, completely missing out on why people watch them (For all the drama mama that’s so addictive, you can’t stop watching, of course). But fear not, Netflix (Singapore) has released 4 new reality shows in the first quarter of 2020. So before you fall into the pits of disappointment, let us tell you how we feel about them.

Let us begin this journey with a quote from Kim Kardashian, the queen of reality shows, “There’s a lot of baggage that comes with us, but it’s like Louis Vuitton baggage; you always want it.”

The Circle (USA)

If you’ve not heard of The Circle yet, we suggest you log into your Netflix account and start watching it. The Circle is a competitive reality show that treats being fake or even encourages you to be fake on social media like its normal. And it is AMAZING! The Circle is a real life game show that has its contestants compete to become a social media platform’s (The Circle) most popular influencer. It asks the question of “How far would you go to be popular on social media”.

Well…one contestant went as far as to create a whole new persona, basically he was cat-fishing everyone. As you can’t see or hear each other unless it is through the Circle, contestants are able to choose who they want to be. After the first 2 episodes, We were hooked. we started rooting for one of the contestants (Rebecca). Even though, it is not a catty reality show, you can’t help but to want to watch the next episode. 

So what makes The Circle different from other competitive reality shows? You do not see anyone screaming at each other or any cat fights. It focuses on the fact that contestants really like each other. Unless, they are pretending that they do but that’s for you to watch and find out. This show is so relatable which makes it easy to keep wanting more. Everyone is able to empathise with the characters in one way or another. The Circle shows you that the things you see on social media is all curated. Just like art in a museum, someone chooses what is exhibited. The Circle is heart-warming, addictive and so very relatable that it is BRUTALLY APPROVED.


Ever since Cheer came out, no one can seem to stop talking about it. Cheer is a Netflix’s six-part documentary reality series. It follows the elite Navarro College team as it prepares for the biggest cheerleading competition in Daytona Beach. Cheer is filled with stories of team mates coming from tragic backgrounds and how their cheer families plays an important role in their lives.

This reality show is a big hit in the USA, the Navarro College team even made it on Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime show and that says a lot. You know you made it when you go on her show. However, with all the hype surrounding the show, we just can’t seem to immerse ourselves into it. There were many times in the show where we suppose we should have teared along with the team but we were unable to. Maybe, we are  budding sociopaths but we just could not relate. There is a certain level of drama in the show but is it Keeping up with the Kardashian’s level of drama, not even close.

This Netflix reality show does challenge the stereotype of a cheerleader’s personality (blond, bitchy and stupid). It shows us that cheerleading is about teamwork, family and ultimately hard work.The number of times you would see a cheerleader fall is borderline ridiculous. But if that’s what you’re looking for, then come right over, Cheer is the Netflix reality show you are looking for.

Would we want to be a cheerleader after watching this reality show? No. Do we see cheerleaders in a different light? Yes. Would we ask our friends to watch this Netflix reality show? No. Cheer is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED.

Love is blind

Love Is Blind is the Netflix dating reality show that intents on marrying off contestants before they can even see each other. Because, you know, it’s not about what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside (note the sarcasm). Contestants will leave the series ‘happily’ married challenging the notion that love is more than just physical attraction. The drama in this Netflix reality show is basically what we live for. It became a drug that we could not stop taking. Disclaimer: Do not take drugs, they are bad for you!

It’s just that good, not “good” in a moral sense but good in reality shows terms. We knew that we were screwed the moment we found a character to dislike: Jessica. She gets under your skin with her terrible voice and terrible personality. You start investing your time caring about whether poor 24 year old Mark would end up with 34 year old Jessica. You would start putting yourself into the reality show wondering who would you have “fallen in love” with.

Not to mention, Netflix has done an amazing job with the cliff-hangers on every single episode. Yes, every single episode! It frustrated us so much when the show ended that we clicked on ‘the next episode’ button instead of waiting for it to automatically go to the next. After binge watching all ten episodes, you feel worse than when you started. It is like eating chocolate, the first few bites are always the best but once you realise that you finished the entire block, you just feel sick. Love Is Blind is the definition of guilty pleasure. Annoying, frustrating but totally addictive, Love is Blind is BRUTALLY APPROVED.

Next in Fashion

10 episodes, 8 designers and there can only be 1 winner. You guessed it, it is another competitive reality show. Next in Fashion is all about finding the next big thing in fashion. All 18 contestants have some experience in the industry. Some have worked for established names and even went to famous fashion schools (Central Saint Martins). However, they have one thing in common, they are not a household name (which basically means, they do not have their own brand).

If you’re looking to satisfy your drama cravings like those you see on America’s Next Top Model, unfortunately, you would not be getting it here. Next in Fashion is a Project runway meets “Sleep music delta waves: Relaxing music to help you sleep, deep sleep, inner peace” video on YouTube. This Netflix show should be classified under SUPER friendly competitive reality show. There are no designers ripping another designer’s fabric, no cursing, no badmouthing another designer, it is a friendly competition.

What makes this series so addictive is the fact that we love watching people create beautiful things. At the final episode, when we watch Minju’s designs go down the runway, we had tears in our eyes because they were just so beautiful. We invested 40 minutes watching her create them from scratch, rooting for her. It was inspiring. How we managed to live our fashion worthy lives before her, we honestly do not know. Not to mention, Minju is an Asian. It is a good representation of the fact that even an Asian can make it in the Western fashion world. So all you aspiring Singaporean designers, you got this!

If you love fashion, Next in Fashion is a must see Netflix reality show and you’d be silly to not binge watch it. Next in Fashion is BRUTALLY APPROVED.

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