Netflix Singapore’s Kingdom Season 2 Review – Koreans do the best Zombie shows

Kingdom Season 1 was a huge hit when it first came on Netflix. It was a perfect blend of politics, drama and action period piece in a zombie flick. It was an unprecedented achievement for them to balance all these genres while keeping the plot intact. Not to mention, it drove forward with a fast yet easy to understand pace. The production value from the first season was exceptional as well. Great cinematography on exceptionally beautiful sets and super realistic zombie make-up. It’s no surprise that the series was signed for a second season.

On 13 March 2020, Kingdom Season 2 was released on Netflix. They did not try to reinvent the wheel and instead, took what’s great about the first season and carried it over to the 2nd season, sans 2 minor things: Pace and Zombies.

A noticeable issue here is pacing. With scenes and plot points moving very quickly throughout the first few episodes, it doesn’t give you much time to digest it properly. The next thing you know, the episode has ended. This was apparent as each episode in season 2 is noticeably shorter than season 1. It felt as though scenes were cut just before releasing it to the public.

Kingdom Season 2 also went down the same path as The Walking Dead. The zombies took a back seat and became the setting for the show instead of Season 1’s ticking time bomb. Season 2 focuses primarily on the power struggle, the plan of the Hwan Cho Clan and the relation with the crown prince. Though, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since the show is called ‘Kingdom’ and not ‘Korean Zombie Threat’.

On a positive note, Kingdom Season 2 still manages to impress us. Production value was still top notch. The castle, the sets, the zombie make up and the gory action was still on point. One thing we felt that was better than Season 1 was the suspense. We were always on our toes wondering what was going to happen next. The show is so much larger than life and it brings you into that universe convincingly.

The acting in Season 2 was as great, if not, better than Season 1. Everyone seems so comfortable with their character that they totally become them. The crown prince was a badass and his Queen the master. One particular stand out was Jun Suk-Ho as Jo Beom-Pal (The magistrate from Season 1). Every scene he was on, he stole the show with his innocent boy charm, dumb luck and idiotic comedy that has got us rooting for his survival throughout the series.

Overall, the close-to-6-hours that we spent on Season 2 was great and left us with a cliffhanger, setting up lots of excitement for Season 3. Kingdom Season 2 gets a BRUTAL APPROVED.

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