Hints to Pringles Singapore ‘mystery flavour’. Let us help you guess and win $5,000.

If you’ve not already heard about Pringles Singapore new ‘mystery flavour’, it’s safe to say that you’ve been living under a rock. So…for all of you living under a rock, Pringles Singapore is having a contest from now till 30 April 2020. Guess the new ‘mystery flavour’ and stand a chance to win $5,000!

So what do you have to do?

Buy TWO cans of Pringles (of any flavour). Yes, you need TWO cans and remember to keep its receipt for verification. You can find them at your local supermarkets (NTUC, Cold Storage and Sheng Siong). This new mystery flavoured Pringles are retailing at an average at two cans for less than $5. Once you have all these ready, guess the flavour and head over to the Pringles website and share your favourite mystery

It’s not just a guessing game. You would also have to put on your creative hats and tell them your favourite mystery in 25 words or less. It’s not just about luck!

It’s finally time for us to share the hints that we have found! Because sharing is caring.

At first glance, nothing on the packaging gave any clues. But fear not as Pringles did mention that they left some hints for us. If you take a look at the word search in front, you would be able to find the words ‘Basil’ and ‘Cheesy’ right by the magnifying glass.

Turn the can over and in the ingredient list, you would be able to find clues as well. Besides all the scientific names, ‘tomato powder’ and ‘cheese powder’ stood out. 

Let’s put together all the clues we have found: Cheesy + basil + cheese powder + tomato powder = ???

Sherlock Holmes would be so proud of us. You do not need to try it out to know what flavour it is. Just look at the clues, you should know what it is. Otherwise, please go back to the rock you’ve been living in.

We believe that potato chip lovers would be able to immediately guess the flavour. Once you open the can, the smell of artificial tomatoes wafts through. One bite and sweet tomatoes and cheese are what you taste before a slight sour twinge. It is an easy guess and it is not a new flavour at all.

These are all the hints that we have collected but if you are hoping to get an answer from us, you are wrong. We want that $5,000 just as much as the next person. And even though, it is an easy guess to the mystery flavour, we want everyone to experience this!

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