Jay Chou Fans Alert! J-Style Trip Travelogue now on Netflix

With the pandemic situation at its peak in recent days, travelling overseas seems like a really bad decision. So it’s always a welcoming sight for new travelling shows to help curb the lack of travel. Especially if it’s following the travel logs of Mandarin pop sensation Jay Chou.

J-Style Trip premiered on 21st March as a weekly travelogue on Netflix Singapore. Every episode will follow Jay Chou as he travels to different parts of the world with different Asian celebrities.

Episode 1 focuses on Jay Chou exploring Paris with Jam Hsiao. They challenge each other in basketball and pool games, with a penalty of performing magic tricks to strangers. Magic is a huge theme in this travelogue as Jay Chou is accompanied by his Magician friend. While Jay Chou is performing tricks to strangers in a foreign land.

Currently, only episode 1 is available to stream. Subsequent episodes will include other star-studded celebrity guests, which includes JJ Lin, Blackie Chen, Nicholas Tse, Yohji Yamamoto, Cyril Takayama, Ryota Katayose and Darren Chou.

Jay Chou Fans, watch it!

J-style Trip episode 1 is now on Netflix and episode 2 will be released on 28th Mar. Subsequent episodes will be released every Saturday with a total of 12 episodes.


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