Don’t fxxk with cats on social media the mewvie – Netflix documentary review

Do you see yourself mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed and double tapping on a cute cat picture? Or your entire social media feed is filled with cat memes? Well… you are not alone. It’s official, CATS have taken over our social media. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and now NETFLIX! So, let’s dive right into the 2 documentaries that have taken over Netflix: #CATS_the_mewvie and Don’t fxxk with cats.


We only have one thought about this documentary. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISEMENT. Yes, this entire documentary is a huge social media advertisement focusing on one platform in particular (ahem, Instagram). To be fair, it starts out really promising. It goes into how cat memes came about and how cats started to rule our social media. But after that, it goes head first into a 90 minutes long social media advert that doesn’t carry anything interesting. Don’t even get us started on the name of the documentary, #CATS_the_mewvie. Let’s just say we literally did a face palm.

It is a combination of a documentary about cats and an unbearable focus on influencer culture.  Majority of this documentary, you will see cat owners trying to bring their pets to social media influencer status. Oh! But do not misunderstand as cat owners in this documentary emphasises that their cats love what they do. Because, you know, cat owners really understands what their cats are feeling (note the sarcasm). In addition, #CATS_the_mewvie talks about an agency that manages influencer pets, WOW! We really need pet influencers in addition to human ones.

There is one silver lining in this documentary, cute cats everywhere. You can’t help but to melt whenever you see a photo of an adorable cat. But that is it. Would we recommend anyone to watch this documentary? No. Unless you really need some white noise while doing work otherwise #CATS_the_mewvie is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED.

Don’t Fxxk With Cats

Netflix’s true crime documentary, Don’t Fxxk With Cats, is about one of the most infamous crime stories in the internet age. Don’t Fxxk With Cats is a 3 part documentary series. It looks at how an online murderer was tracked down and arrested, thanks to a cat-loving Facebook group.

But be warned that this documentary is not for the faint of heart.

The documentary starts off with a video of a young man suffocating two kittens to death by putting them into a vacuum bag. We believe that we do not have to elaborate further on what happens next. Our hearts started to beat like crazy and hands started to get clammy. That is only from watching the first 10 minutes, We just wanted to reach into the screen and stop him. Ok, maybe strangle him. We do have to point out that throughout In this documentary, this is not the only gruesome cat video shown. Even though, the videos aren’t shown entirely, you still see dead cats and hear plenty of audio of the events. After a series of cat killings, the young man finally kills a person. 

Don’t Fxxk With Cats brings us on a journey of finding a killer. It is an exploration of social media: How it reveals and disguises who we really are. At the same time, showing us how social media is a tool to amplify and spread wicked action and thoughts. You would have to actually have to stop and think about the mentality of the murderer and the cat-loving Facebook group.

If you are looking for a cute cat Netflix documentary, with kittens prancing in a field, this is not the documentary for you. But, if you are looking for a suspenseful true crime documentary that revolves around a series of gruesome cat videos posted on social media, this is the one for you. Even though, the series raises many uncomfortable questions on how social media fed into the killer’s desire for attention, Don’t Fxxk With Cats keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Don’t Fxxk With Cats is BRUTALLY APPROVED. 

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