Did you know that there’s Japanese Sparkling Sake available in Singapore? Brutal Alcoholics Review

Don Don Donki Singapore is like Doraemon’s pocket, endless and full of surprises. The latest surprise in comes in a form of 750ml blue glass bottle: Mio’s Sparkling Sake.

Most alcoholics will know what Sake is, but Sparkling Sake? That’s almost unheard of. At first look, the bottle has a beautiful and classic visage. It looks like the perfect gift for your friend’s birthday. But, does it taste as good as it looks?

Immediately after pouring the drink out of the bottle, the Sparkling Sake reminds me of champagne. The carbonated foam fills the glass quickly while the liquid is clear and bubbly. Like champagne, the drink is on the sweeter side, with fruity-like sweetness. Then, comes the aftertaste of the rice wine. The aftertaste wasn’t strong, but it’s definitely distinctive in a very pleasant way.

At $21.90 for a bottle (750ml), the Mio Sparkling Sake is not an expensive purchase and would be great to share with a friend or to give away as a gift. At only 5% alcohol, we didn’t feel any buzz after finishing the drink and it’ll be a disappointing drink if your objective is to get drunk. But if your objective is just to enjoy a good unique tasting sake, this is great. Mio Sparkling Sake gets a Brutal Approved from us.

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