Lobster Laksa Spaghetti by IKEA Singapore – Food Review

Lobster is an ingredient that is associated with luxury. Flavourful and expensive. IKEA only got the memo to the latter.

Introducing their new most talked about dish on their new limited time menu, Half Lobster with Laksa Spaghetti. The dish comes with half a lobster, a small serving of spaghetti, broccoli and their Laksa sauce, going for $14.90. This sounds like a fairly priced dish since Lobster is usually very costly but in truth, this is probably the least value-for-money item on the menu.

First and foremost, the presentation looked good and appetitising. It got us quite excited before our first bite. But once flip the lobster shell over, everything goes down the drain. Normally, for a full-sized lobster, there already isn’t much flesh. Now imagine it being halved, it’s barely a mouthful. On top of that, the meat was tough, rubbery and dry. It’s a giveaway sign that the lobster was overcooked and left to dry.

The saving grace was the Laksa sauce. It was delicious, thick, creamy and savoury plus you can actually taste the fragrance of the herbs. It’s a shame they don’t give you more of the sauce. The serving that we got was barely enough to cover the pasta’s floury taste. Try to ask for more sauce if you are getting this.

Lastly, the portions aren’t big at all. The pasta was only a handful, there’s not much meat in the lobster and the broccoli did nothing to help. If you have a huge appetite, prepare to order chicken wings or their famed meatballs to supplement.

Overall, it was a disappointing dish that, we feel, is out to get a quick buck from their customers using the word “Lobster”. You are better off sticking to their classics like Meatballs & Salmons, which are cheaper, delicious and more value for money. Lobster Laksa Spaghetti, however, gets a BRUTAL DISAPPROVED from us.

We felt so sad afterwards, we decided to get Magnum’s Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter to make ourselves happier.


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