Weird & Creative Roti Prata Combinations in Singapore that are actually soooo good

Sinful, high calorie, bordering-on-gross – and delicious?!?! The “Asian Flat Croissant” undergoes some serious makeovers in this compilation.

Roti Beckham

After reading 87364832 Google search entries, no, we still don’t know why it is named after David Beckham. There’s no denial about the Western angmoh influence though – eggs, tuna, ham slices and cheese are all synonymous with a good English Breakfast, where David Beckham hails from!

Not an actual Roti Beckham

Plaster Blaster

One does not simply leave out Springleaf Prata’s famous creation – the famed Plaster Blaster. Turkey ham, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce sits atop a classic roti prata disc, and it only costs $5!

Get plastered on this

Umami 50 Prata

Another disgustingly good Springleaf Prata creation, the Umami 50 houses ingredients such as chicken luncheon meat, chicken floss, mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise and egg. Someone take me to Springleaf ASAP.

Roti Tampal or Roti Jantan

The classic flakey Indian flatbread, plastered with a fried egg on top instead of folded within à la normal style prata with egg. Ask for one with half-boiled runny eggs if that floats your boat! Voila – a Roti Tampal.

For a more ballsy option – upgrade your Roti Tampal with an extra egg to make a Roti Jantan! Bonus points on the hilarious name – Jantan means boy and we can only assume it’s because it has two eggs.

Roti Hawaii

As if the argument if pineapples belonged on pizza isn’t enough, someone decided to put it on a prata – along with chicken/mined beef, hotdog pieces, scrambled eggs, with generous lashings of mayonnaise on top. Ask for extra cheese, and you’re definitely going to hell for this sinful gluttony. Worth it, no?

This prata exudes the “ready to f**k your toilet up” vibe

Roti Scramble

Similar to the scallion pancake sandwiches sold at Jay Chou’s now closed Liang Sandwich bar franchise, the Roti Scramble features a prata folded or rolled up snugly around your ingredients.

There’s a might fine nasssty lookin’ prata roll right there!

The ingredients are by default the same as that of the Roti Hawaii, but your mamak stall uncle might let you customise if you ask nicely!

Prata Goreng / Kothu Prata

Flakey, crispy prata is cut up and stir-fried into mee goreng ingredients and some other new additions such as tofu, cabbage and chye sim. Ask for extra chilli paste if you love spicy food!

Have you tried any of these prata creations?

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