Magnum’s Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter Review | Singapore Ice Cream Desserts

Chocolate coating with a mixture of cookie bits, surrounding a rich vanilla ice-cream. Does this sound good? If yes, you’re probaby interested in Magnum’s Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter.

Magnum’s latest addition to their already massive catalog of ice-cream is a unique approach to what you can put on an ice-cream, named “Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter”. On the packaging, it says “Vanilla Ice Cream, Luscious Chocolate cake batter flavoured sauce, coated in chocolate and cookie pieces” . What does that even mean? It’s kind of confusing and causes plenty of doubts how this would taste like.

Opening the packaging, the ice cream looks a bit underwhelming. A rounded block of chocolate with spikes (cookie crumbs i presume) on an ice cream stick. Doesn’t stand out nor does it match our expectation of a ‘Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter’. But the negativity stops once you take a bite into it.

Biting into the ice cream, the chocolate coating instantly melts in your mouth and you taste the thick sweetness of the chocolate. As you start to chew, the crunchiness of the cookie bits adds texture so you don’t feel like you are chewing liquid. Lastly the rich vanilla is so smooth and not too sweet, bringing everything to a wonderful close. A symphony of sweet joy in your mouth.

At the price point of $4.20, it’s not the cheapest ice cream out there, but Magnum is branding this as a luxury ice cream (if the word “Luxe” isn’t obvious enough) and it’s a great treat to reward yourself on a tough day! We’d give it a BRUTAL APPROVED!

Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter is available in the Impulse format exclusively at 7-Eleven nationwide!

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