Gong Cha’s Creme Brulee Strawberry Latte Review – Singapore Drinks

Where to get it: Gong Cha Singapore 
What is it: Crème Brûlée Strawberry Latte (Medium for $4.80) 

Make no mistake, this “latte” doesn’t have any coffee in it! The drink touts four main layers – a crunchy caramalised top, creamy rich Crème Brûlée milk foam, milk and a lovely, jammy strawberry milk layer. 

Upon first sip, you get a good taste of a rich, almost custard-like tasting foam – very yummy and creamy, with a savoury and salty aftertaste. Bits of crispy and charred caramalised sugar are interspersed inside, giving it a multidimensional texture and taste. 

Following the VERY SPECIFIC instructions on the cup sticker for maximum enjoyment, we moved our straws down to the next layers – milk and strawberry milk, which has begun to swirl and settle into a pale pink milk and a jammy layer of strawberry puree. If you’re a fan of strawberry milk, sip from the milk layer solely by all means but we recommend sticking your straw all the way to the bottom so you can get to the yummy bits of strawberry jam.

We’re fans, but we haven’t lost our objectivity, okay – here’s a realistic snap of what it actually looks like in comparison to the very nice Instagram photo posted by Gong Cha.

Adventurous mavericks can also try mixing all the layers together to make a strawberry brûlée slushy; the result is a creamy and frothy berry flavoured milkshake, tinged with cracklin’ bits of salt to keep things from being overly sweet. Side note: we ordered 50% sugar level, just to keep things balanced. It tasted rather like a melted ice cream – so grossly sinful but we kept wanting more!

Those who are fond of sweets will love this. But if you happen to lean towards the sugar-averse side, share this with a friend to keep things from getting overly gelat (cloying /overwhelming). 

This drink is quite a lot to take, but we can’t help but take sip upon sip! For that, we think this beverage deserves getting BRUTALLY APPROVED, or should we say, BRÛ-TALLY APPROVED? ☺

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