Artisanal Ice Creams: Birds of Paradise Singapore Desserts Review

Birds of Paradise is a unique sweet creations ice cream store that serves gelato that was made from scratch. Like i’s name, Birds of Paradise, the store’s ice cream flavours are as tropical as it can get, using ingredients such as fruits, flower, herbs to create flavours that are unique to them.

They experiment with all types of ingredients to create a natural and healthy ice cream at the same time. Each batch of ice-cream is of limited quantity and the flavours are constantly changing. So be surprised each time you head down. We heard many good reviews about Birds of Paradise so we went down to taste it for ourselves.

We were recommended by their staff to get the Strawberry Basil & Lychee Raspberry.

Strawberry Basil

One word, WOW. We were honestly pleasantly surprised by the superb taste of the ice cream. 

The ice cream had a really “organic” taste because in every bite we could taste the strawberry seeds. Not only did it add a crunchy texture to the ice cream, but there was also a subtle sour twang.

It has a smooth and creamy texture. But what surprised us was, how subtle yet flavourful the strawberry & basil taste was in the ice cream. It’s not too sweet also. Really addictive.

Lychee Raspberry 

After eating the Strawberry Basil ice cream, our expectations for the Lychee Raspberry flavour skyrocketed, but sadly we don’t think it met our expectations.

The lychee flavour felt like a syrup mixture, but the sourness of the raspberry seed made it more manageable. The redeeming factor was the sweetness of the milk neutralising the sourness of the raspberry. Overall, the fruity flavours do make it a refreshing dessert on a hot day.

Similar to Strawberry Basil, this ice cream still has the smooth and creamy texture. Which is a testament to their skill in making well textured ice-creams and this is one thing you can be sure of, they are all well crafted ice-creams.

Now, we don’t think Lychee Raspberry is a great flavour and not everyone will dislike this flavour like us, so it’s good that Birds of Paradise lets you sample the ice cream flavours before you commit to a purchase. Because of this, you can be sure that you’ll be paying for a flavour that agrees with your taste buds that will ultimately be a well-crafted ice-cream. Birds of Paradise gets a BRUTAL APPROVED from us.

Cup 1 Scoop $5 & 2 Scoop $6
Cone 1 Scoop $6 & 2 Scoop $7

P.S. Order with the cones, they are freshly make everyday infront of you!

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