Isaac Toast Singapore – Korean Food Review

You’ve probably heard of Isaac Toast but do you know who founded it? Probably not. Us too. We thought the owner was Isaac, but no, the owner of Isaac Toast is not Isaac. 

It is named after Isaac, the Hebrew Patriarch of Genesis. As of 2016, Isaac Toast has about 700 retail stores in South Korea and has expanded internationally such as Macau, Taiwan and Singapore.

During the first few days of opening in Plaza Singapura, the store was jam-packed but during our visit recently, it was a ghost town. Was it not worth the hype? We tried two of their toasts, namely, Hot Chicken MVP and Double Spicy Cutlet.

Hot Chicken MVP

To be frank, we were really expecting a really spicy toast but it’s not… Basically, it tastes like otah in bread. Wait, actually, otah in bread tastes much better!

This might be a biased personal opinion of the taster, but the pickle was a super big turn off. The crunch from the pickle wasn’t necessary and did not really complement the overall texture of the bread.

The sauce is sweet and savoury, which wasn’t too bad, but what disappointed us the most was the “Toast”. I mean, it shouldn’t be called a “Toast” if it’s soggy.

Overall, the patty was a mess, the bread felt like it just came out from the Han river and the grill was a desperate attempt to save the toast. 

Super gross, therefore, Hot Chicken MVP gets a Brutal Disapproved from us. Not so MVP after all.

Double Spicy Cutlet

Actually, the Double Spicy Cutlet wasn’t too bad. The chicken is soft and tender, drizzled with teriyaki sauce. As for the spiciness, we couldn’t really taste it. It felt like it was overwhelmed by the teriyaki sauce. A little confusing on the taste buds.

The sliced cabbage adds a crunchiness to the whole toast which really helps the overall texture. To be honest, it’s chicken and bread, it’s hard to go wrong with it. However, just because it can’t go wrong doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste outstanding. And there was nothing outstanding.

Double Spicy Cutlet gets a Brutal Disapproved from us.


The Hot Chicken MVP and Double Spicy Cutlet costs $7.90 and $8.70 respectively, and it includes a choice of drinks, tomato soup and chips. The price points are similar to a breakfast meal at McDonald’s and we don’t think it’s anywhere near the quality of McDonald’s. So why bother? 

Overall, Isaac Toast Singapore gets a Brutal Disapproved from us.

It’s even more disappointing to know that when we tried Issac Toast in Korea, it was so much better. The bread was evenly toasted, and all the ingredients in the sandwiches complemented each other. Along with a nice hot cup of coffee in the cold weather, it was just amazing. A pity we can’t get the same taste through Isaac Toast Singapore.

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