More dramas from the main cast of Crash Landing On You

Let me guess, you finished watching Crash Landing On You and you’re feeling empty? Can’t get enough of Hyun Bin and Ye Jin? That is commonly known as post-drama depression.

We’re here to help you overcome this depression by introducing more Korean dramas from the main cast, so you can get over that depression really fast.

Want to see more of Hyun Bin? Here are more of him at his best:

Secret garden (2010)

The drama depicts a stunt woman and high-end department store CEO meeting through a misunderstanding while trying to solve a scandal. But things soon get out of hand when they magically switch bodies. Can they adapt to each other’s life without other people finding out?

An amazing drama if you are looking for something funny and romantic at the same time. 

Memories of Alhambra (2018)

After getting to know about an AR game portraying medieval battles in Alhambra, Yoo Jin-woo, CEO of an investment company travels to Spain to meet the creator of the game. 

However, the creator is missing and the CEO meets the sister Jung Se-joo instead. Their journey begins when the line between the real world and the AR world starts to blur…

A really good drama if you love video games. Thrilling and plenty of action scenes constantly keep you at the edge of your seat. 

What to see more of Son ye-jin? 

Something in the rain (2018)

This drama outlines the relationship of two people Yoon Jin-ah and Seo Joon-hee, beginning as acquaintances to become a couple. 

Although the synopsis may not seem much, it is a slow tension filled drama, where love slowly builds. Perfect for enjoying after work/school!

What to see more of Seo Ji Hye ?

The Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (2017)

This drama illustrates a love story that has been spanning for over two hundred years. Moon Soo-ho is a businessman and met a travel agent Shin Se-kyung – who doesn’t travel overseas. But their story takes a dramatic turn when they meet a designer from their unknown shared past.

We recommend this drama to people who love games of backstabbing and betrayal and romance.

Heart Surgeons (2018)

Heart Surgeons tells the life of three surgeons in a hospital. Go Soo’s (left) mother who is waiting for a heart transplant. Choi Suk-han (right) is a famous surgeon who does not get the respect he deserves. Yoo Soo-Yeon (middle) due to an accident took the life of Choi Suk-han’s daughter.

What to see more of Kim Jung-hyun? Here are some of his most popular drama

Welcome to Waikiki (2018)

Kang Dong-Goo wants to become a movie director but bad luck just seems to stick with him. It looks like he is unable to achieve his dream. Cheon Joon-Ki aspires to be an actor just like his father but only ever gets minor roles. Bong-Doo-Sik came to Seoul to become a writer but he has to struggle at a part time job to survive.

All of them stay together facing on the verge of total poverty. The situation becomes even more absurd and drastic when a mysterious baby and single mother appears pleading for asylum.

An amazing show where you can sit down with your family and laugh at over dinner.

What do you think of our recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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