McDonald’s AngMoh Youtiao (Donut Stick) Review – Fast Food Singapore

McDonald’s has been upping it’s Breakfast game recently by reintroducing the McGriddles as an all day menu item and now, a totally brand new item with a basic name: The Donut Stick, or in our Asian context term: Angmoh Youtiao.

At a low cost of $2.20 (ala carte) and $3 (with hot coffee/tea) for 6 Donut sticks, McDonald’s is clearly focusing on providing cheap breakfast options for the working crowd to get them started for the day. It is not particularly filling, but it’s enough to hold your hunger till your lunch break.

Each stick is relatively short as compared to your average Youtiao, roughly 10cm in length and coated with cinnamon sugar. The Donut Stick’s fried dough is crispy and has a hint of saltiness while the sugar adds a layer of sweetness. It’s like a weird fusion between a Churro and an actual Youtiao.

At roughly $0.50 a stick, it’s a delicious treat to kick start your day, and it never hurts to have more coffee to keep you on your toes during work. We’ll give McDonald’s Donut Stick a Brutal Approved.

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