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We are on a Halal food hunt streak! Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen restaurant recently opened another outlet in Arab street, just a 10-minute walk from Lavender Station – so of course, we had to check it out.

The restaurant and its décor definitely passes our vibe check. But. The place is rather stuffy since they don’t turn on the air-conditioning (maybe it’s a coronavirus thing?) – but they do try to mitigate the heat by passing out fans to the clientele.

Now our objective was simply good food so we tried to bypass the discomfort and just lookout for a delicious meal, on-par with its haram counterparts.

Our server recommended us dishes such as the store signature ICHIKOKUDO Ramen with Regular Rich broth ($10.90), the Light Rich broth ($9.90), and we ordered a rice dish, the Japanese Garlic Karaage Don ($11.90), just to spice things up.

We went in for the ramen with light rich soup first, cause that’s what you do as a ~professional taste tester~, right?????.


First off, we just want to say – we realllly wanted to like this ramen place. We really did. But yeah, the broth was salty to the point where even the self-proclaimed soy sauce lover was sputtering that it was simply just too giam (salty).

Redeeming factors – the chashu was of good quality and the ramen egg was perfectly soft boiled and seasoned. It’s a real pity that the noodle texture was subpar and the kidney-shriveling salt soup overshadowed the experience.

P.S: One of our tasters thinks that the soup base tastes like Chicken Flavoured Maggie Mee… do you agree?


We were not prepared for the sudden, fundamental change in flavour for this broth, oops!

We were expecting a stronger, richer version of the Light Broth ramen – however, the soup base went into the direction of more seafood taste (???). We were confusion.

It was also much saltier (as if we didn’t shrivel our kidneys enough in the first bowl of ramen) to the point where it was not appetizing to even take sips of soup. This saltiness was contributed by the addition of the kelp and bonito flakes & soy sauce.


At this point, I think we were just happy to report that the dish wasn’t just another giam-fest.

The karaage is well-seasoned with a mild garlic taste. We think the garlic taste could have been made stronger for it to be tastier, but as regular fried chicken we are happy to report satisfactory standards!

To conclude: you might enjoy this if you like torturing your kidneys for no good reason! If you didn’t catch the sarcasm – no, we did not enjoy this salty adventure. Overall, we’d give this a miss. A Brutal Disapproved from us.

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