Halal Chinese Beef Noodles in Singapore!? Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodle Food Review

Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles aren’t a new player to Singapore’s F&B industry, but did you know that this restaurant-chain hailing from China actually serves completely halal dishes?

After some perplexed googling about Halal prerequisites and Lanzhou cuisine, we learned that Lanzhou is home to a majority of Chinese and non-Chinese ethnic groups that practice Islam as their religion. These groups include the Hui, the Zang, the Uyghur and many more.

This is thanks to Lanzhou’s location on the Silk Road, a key hub where people of various ethnicities would trade goods and exchange culture. Sometimes they also intermarried people of other ethnic groups! The intermingling of cultures would lead to the community coming together to create delicious halal Chinese beef noodles that we can enjoy today.

Dear Silk Road, we thank thee for the yummy Halal Chinese foods.

For this review, we will be trying out the beef noodles to compare the differences between the usual Chinese beef noodles, and the halal version of Lanzhou Beef Noodles. Of course, no Halal food review panel would be complete without – a Muslim colleague.

We ordered 3 sets of beef noodles: Signature, Mala and Dry.

Each set comes with a braised egg, a side and a drink. What made it fun for us is that you can choose between 8 types of handmade noodles, from thin to thick and flat to round but what caught our eye was – “triangle noodles”. What in tarnation is a triangle noodle anyway?!

Remember those pencils with a triangular cross section for better grip? These noodles are basically like that.

All noodles come from the same batch of dough and taste the same, however it is a fun and different experience that comes with each noodle’s mouth feel. According to our non-haram buddy for the day, “the triangular shape helps me grip the noodles better with my chopsticks” – so there’s a tip for all of you hoping to wield better chopstick skills!

We were so loving the Mala soup beef noodles – the chewy noodles were drenched in a savory soup, with a good mix of beef slices and chunks for variety. A touch of MSG flavour lingers on your tongue, but it’s nothing to complain about. Mala fanatics will be pleased to know that extra Mala chili paste can be added from a jar placed on every diner’s table. The winning touch, though, are the unassuming radish pieces that float around your soup. Thinly sliced, they soak up all the salty beefy flavours and sends it melting in your mouth! (We are getting soooo hungry as we write this.)

It was a good experience overall and we dare say it was better than most non-halal counter-parts from hawkers and food courts. Most of the service staff seem to be native PRCs who are semi-fluent in English. This doesn’t stop them from being helpful with little gestures and hand signals when non-Chinese speaking customers are ordering their food.

For the overall worry-free service and solid dishes, we give Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef noodles a Brutal Approved!

Here’s the address of the outlet that we visited:
302 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-107 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732

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