Is ‘Carmen’s Best Ice Cream’ the best Ice-cream in Singapore? – Desserts Review

Located all around the Philippines, Carmen’s best ice cream is practically the most popular ice-cream chain in Philippines. The owner started from a farm and sold mainly dairy products. He soon realised that the shelf life of dairy products are short and he needed a way to move their products faster, so he started experimenting, creating flavoured milk and pastilles, until they stumbled upon ice-cream. 

With an initial introduction of only 3 flavours, Carmen’s best ice cream now offers a lot more complicated flavours and have finally reached Singapore’s shores. 

We headed down and tried 4 of their signature flavours, namely Malted Milk, Rocky Road, Hokey Pokey & He’s not worth it.

Malted Milk

Took our first bite and was overwhelmed by it. The ice-cream was creamy and thick, but not in a good way. Each bite was accompanied by bits of nut that gives a crunch to the soft cream. The taste of evaporated milk from the ice-cream lingers in the mouth and gives a bad aftertaste. I wouldn’t recommend this flavour.

This ice cream gets a Brutal Disapproved.

Rocky Road

Now, this is much better. A much lighter flavour on your mouth, Rocky Road has a nice taste of fresh milk, which was prominent and nice. Large chunk of almonds can be found all over the ice-cream, which like malted milk, has a nice crunchy texture. 

This flavour gets a Brutal Approved!

Hokey Pokey

Like the games we play as a kid, Hokey Pokey is fun and full of surprises. 

It has a nice smooth and creamy texture to it and a strong caramel aftertaste that brings pleasure to our taste buds. It’s not too sweet and the accompanying biscuit really adds a hint of saltiness to the whole ice cream.

This ice cream gets a Brutal Approved from us!

He’s not worth it

I guess they know their ice-cream flavour well. He’s not worth it is not worth it at all.

Like a mashed potato, the texture is sticky and gooey, not as creamy as Hokey Pokey. But what really turned us off was the bitter aftertaste. Sweet lovers, please avoid this flavour.

This gets a Brutal Disapproved from us!

One man’s food is another man’s poison.

The flavours generally aren’t bad, it’s just that not everyone will have the same palette to love the same taste. They offer unique and interesting flavours that are uncommon and new to explore. At $4.90 per scoop, it’s almost cut-throat, but if you go for 2 scoops which is going for $5.90, which they are obviously trying to push you to, it’d probably be a more reasonable amount to pay.

Have you tried Carmen’s best ice cream? Let me know in the comments below!

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