Best 5 Korean Dramas to binge on Netflix in 2020

The Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave) has infiltrated the world on multiple levels. From music to soap operas and recently, the Korean movie Parasite tied with Disney for the record of winning 4 Oscars in a night.

And yes, Netflix wasn’t spared by the Hallyu Wave, and here we are, diving through the sea of Korean dramas on Netflix, to recommend you the 5 best K-drama on Netflix worth bingeing on. 


Set in the Joseon Dynasty, it has been 10 days since the King is down with an illness. Other than the Chief State Councillor, no one is allowed to see the King.

Sensing something amiss, the crown prince started investigating and uncovers a mysterious undead plague and a political battle of the kingdom of Korea. 

Beautifully shot and scripted, Kingdom took an overused and cheesy zombie setting, and combined it with medieval Korean politics. The Palace was grand, costumes were on point and the zombie make-up was incredibly realistic. You can tell a lot of effort and resources are used to create this world and it paid off immensely. 

The script was forward moving and hardly dragged. Each episode uncovers new plot points while leaving you with a cliffhanger to keep you hooked.

Beware though, Kingdom is a bloody and gory show, that shows decapitations and blood at every chance possible. Viewer discretion is advised.

 The Secret Life of my Secretary

The Secret Life of My Secretary focuses on the boss of a media company who relies on his secretary to do anything and everything. Being too complacent, he fires her. Not long after, he got into an accident and lost his ability to recognise people. Now, he needs his secretary back more than ever!

Cliché drama with a simple and predictable storyline. But what made this drama in my top five list is how well the writers managed to include romance into the drama. 

The leads in the show have an amazing chemistry with each other and every scene with them together were really cute and humorous. 

This is more of a laid back drama without any intense action, so it’s easy to watch and relax after a long day at work/school. 

Hotel Del Luna 

Hotel Del Luna is a special hotel that serves ghosts as their clients and usually unseen by the human eye. Jang Man-Wol, CEO of said hotel, is forced to serve the dead in the hotel ever since committing a grave sin a millennium ago. 

After Gu Chan-Sung’s father made a deal with the CEO, Gu Chan-Sung himself was made to work as an assistant manager of Hotel Del Luna. This changed the fate of the hotel and the life of Jang Man-wol.

Every character in the show has a different purpose and backstory. Each of these characters are then shown to be connected in the later episodes. The show is able to smoothly deliver important life lessons that the viewers can learn from, especially those who struggle to take control of emotions such as anger and pain.

The ending will also catch you off guard.


Cha Dal-Geon is just an ordinary stuntman trying to make ends meet while also taking care of his nephew. One day, his nephew was invited to Morocco for a Taekwondo exhibition and while on the way there, the plane he was on crashed. 

Suspecting a terror attack, Cha Dal-Geon, along with Go Hae-Ri, tries to uncover the truth. However, it was a far darker and more sinister conspiracy that they could ever imagine.

The shows try to portray the potential threats we face in the real world mixed with some unrealistic elements to create a great viewing experience. Conspiracy, betrayal, comradeship and a little romance made us glued to the show.

The mind games between the characters were equally exciting to see, with the antagonist and protagonist taking each other on. I often found myself at the edge of my seat. 

Aside from all the action, the actors had some very emotional scenes, showing their struggles and anger that made me end up feeling for them.


Go Se-yeon is a good looking prosecution lawyer, while her friend Cha Min was not as blessed. 

One day, both of them died in two separate accidents, but was revived by a celestial being, known as “Abyss”. The revival process changed their appearance to accurately reflect who they are on the inside. As a result, Go Se-Yeon became an average looking person while Cha Min became the attractive one. Together, they joined forces to discover the mystery of their revival, as well as solving the death of Go So-Yeon.

The show has a very interesting premise while the plot keeps you constantly engaged and on the edge of your seat at all time. The pacing is good and doesn’t make you feel bored. Despite all the positives, the chemistry between the 2 lead characters were lacking. Interactions between them sometimes felt forced and phoney. Nonetheless, it’s still a great show to binge.

There you go, these are the 5 Korean Dramas on Netflix that we recommend you binge watch. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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