Wehr Singapore, the best underwear men can have? Our bits give it a review.

For the men out there who are still wearing tighty-whities or loose, discoloured underwear with holes that Mom bought you, it’s time to discard them and get some upgrades if you don’t want to continue embarrassing yourself.

WEHR is a Singapore underwear brand that “reinvents luxurious basics with premium fabric”.

The underwear is made of Modal, which is a semi-synthetic fabric that is breathable yet environmentally friendly. Comparing this to your run-of-the-mill cotton, it’s definitely an upgrade in terms of comfort and coolness, especially in the hot weather.

We know this isn’t the first brand that does breathable underwear. The first brand that comes to mind is Uniqlo’s Airism, which does something similar. Due to the lack of multiple product samples, we were only able to get 1 person (me) to do the comparison with Uniqlo’s Airism, for hygiene reasons obviously. My conclusion was that WEHR’s underwear felt better while wearing as compared to Airism, almost like a second skin. It’s not to say that Airism doesn’t do a good job, but WEHR felt like it did the job even better. But at about twice the price of Airism for that slight upgrade in the feels department, this could possibly only appeal to the price-unconscious people.

My only gripe was with the length of the underwear. According to their website, it’s about 4cm longer than your usual boxer briefs, and that felt unnecessary. Comparably, the length felt like a pair of running tights. We spoke to the people from WEHR and they said it was deliberately designed in that way to prevent wedgies and during my 2 days’ worth of testing, I did not experience any wedgie as of writing this article, so there are indeed some truths to that statement.

Overall, WEHR is a good quality and comfortable underwear, but at a cost. If you have the bucks to spare, give it a try. You will not regret it. It gets a BRUTAL APPROVE from me.

Their 60 series Underwear is retailing at $26.90 per piece (with Free Local Delivery). You can also get them in a box of 3’s.

Purchase from their website here: www.wehrclothing.com. Use promo code “BRUTALASIANS” during checkout to get 10% off any order. Valid till 31st Mar 2020.

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