Tamago-EN Singapore is all about the eggs – Japanese food review

Can you build a Japanese restaurant menu and food around eggs? We headed to Tamago-EN to find out.

Like its name implies, Tamago-EN menu is heavily Western/Japanese cuisine inspired, with dishes such as All-Day-Breakfast Egg Benedict, Japanese Omelette, Omu Rice, Japanese Souffles. With prices starting from $5.80 and each main averaging around $12-$16, here are some of the dishes that we tried.

Beef Stew Rice with Omelette

Let’s start with the presentation. The dished looked appetising when it came, with the omelette elegantly wrapped around the rice. The Stew was much saltier than expected, but it was done this way on purpose so that you can mix the stew with the Soft Omelette and fluffy rice to balance out the taste. The beef chunks were softer than expected, so it breaks apart in your mouth easily while chewing. This is definitely a well thought out dish, but at $16.80, I’m not sure if the price will sit well with everyone. It’s worth a try if you can afford it. 

Japanese Souffle Pancake

For dessert, we ordered the plain Souffle Pancake. 3 pancakes arrived, topped with cream and maple syrup to satisfy the need for sweetness. The presentation was pleasing and the Souffle Pancakes looked fluffy and delicious. Disappointingly, the first bite wasn’t as great as it looked. Sure, it’s still delicious with the maple syrup, but as compared to our Fluff Stack’s Souffles Pancake Review, Tamago-EN’s wasn’t as fluffy, but rather, sticky to me. At the price of $8.80 for this, we would recommend that you try the other desserts or head to Fluff Stack instead if you are looking for Souffle Pancakes. 

Egg Rice

Tamago-EN uses eggs that are freshly imported directly from Okinawa, which they claim to have a fluffier texture in their dishes. We’re no eggsperts, but what we do know is that this rice mixed with their raw eggs and condiments ended up giving us a mind-blowing foodgasm. It’s so unique tasting and felt out of this world. We would definitely recommend this dish as a MUST-TRY.

Fun fact: you may purchase the Okinawa raw eggs too, for your own kitchen adventures.

As for their Omelette, it has 5 different toppings to choose from. If you’re unsure what to go for, you can order the 5-kind Japanese Omelette Skewer to try all varieties. The omelette was quite basic and did not have much of a wow factor to it. The toppings were the difference though. They made the overall dish more interesting to our tastebuds. Order it for the toppings, but we’re quite sure it’s a 1-off order for the majority out there.


Overall, our experience with Tamago-EN was generally positive. They don’t create insane dishes that blow your mind, but they are tasty enough to make you come back again. The prices are on the slightly high side, which means that you may not come back as often as you want. That said, we’ll still recommend you to at least try it out at least once.

So, can you truly build a Japanese restaurant menu and food around eggs? Tamago-EN proved that you can, and they did so in style.

Location: Serangoon NEX #02-K5/K6 | Novena Square #01-89

Wee Wei Song

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