3 unique date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Imagine this: It’s Valentine’s Day. You put on your planned outfit, spend an entire afternoon getting your hair done in the perfect state and douse yourself in the most masculine cologne. You head out to fetch the girl of your dreams and bring her to the most amazing restaurant for a romantic wonderful valentine’s dinner. Then, the date ends.

Is this the ending that you want on Valentine’s Day? For her to find you the most typical, boring, Singaporean kind of guy? Or do you want to impress her with some tricks up your sleeve? Here are some unique ideas for your consideration!

Karting Arena

Karting Arena is a Go Kart place at The Grandstand @ The Turf Club. Here, you and your date can drive speedy go-karts and zip through the race course, pumping up the adrenaline and getting high even before the alcohol. They offer plenty of racing options, from casual racing to grand prix tournament races. Prices start from an affordable $25 per pax. 

It’s the perfect place to have a thrilling and fun riding experience with your date. *wink wink*

Cycling by the Cove

Now, if you and your date are the fitspo kind, you guys should try to do something different than the usual dinner and wine. Introducing Cycling on Sentosa Cove. Besides being a tourist trap, Sentosa does have a cycling route that not many know about. Instead of the usual East Coast Park, trade in views of the beach with views of houses that you can never own while keeping up your fitness levels with your potential partner. Besides, there are plenty of amazing restaurants to go to after your cycling session. Just remember to shower first.

Holey Moley

Alcohol, Mini Golf & drunk fun? Holey Moley! Yes, Holey Moley is a Mini Golf bar located at the heart of Clarke Quay. For the uninitiated, Mini Golf is an activity that is almost similar to a golf, but instead of an endless boring green field, you have obstacles along your path while trying to direct your golf ball into the hole. Now just imagine that, being tipsy together with your date and trying to score a hole-in-one. It’s the perfect recipe for setting up an exciting night with your Valentine Date.

But be warned, prices are not cheap and each round starts at $16++. You can find them at #02-01B in Clarke Quay. 


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