Birds of Prey Movie Review

Birds of Prey is the latest entry from Warner Brothers and the 8th movie in the DC Extended Universe. Birds of Prey follows the story of Harley Quinn, after the events of Suicide Squad (2016), she got dumped by the Joker (not the Arthur Fleck one mind you) and has to fend for herself. Starring the essential Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, of course.

Despite the film title being “Birds of Prey”, this is definitely Harley’s movie with her at the main focus. The movie drew plenty of inspiration from the comics, like how she usually narrates to the audience, with her penchant to jump around in her narrative dialogue without a care for chronology; symptomatic of her unique idiosyncrasies as a character. The movie is also well-edited, with the narration smoothly transitioning into dialogue which gives a unique and stylistic atmosphere to the film. 

Margot Robbie was a standout in this movie, the little subtlety to her own set of charm. This movie really gave her the space to explore the character much more. Though… there’s the occasional lapse into Australian accent that drew me out of the movie at certain points, it’s not a major issue.

The movie also introduces the Birds of Prey, which consist of the characters Black Canary, Huntress, Detective Montoya who go up against the Villain Black Mask. The birds, as individuals, are interesting – attributing to their background and their personalities. As a group, however, the chemistry palpably absent. Lines were campy, actions were draggy and interactions were sloppy. Come think of it, the entire 3rd act may have been the weakest link in this cinematic event.

Black Mask was the villain of the movie, played by Ewan McGregor and like the rest of the cast, was interesting and charismatic until the 3rd act – I suppose its a domino effect even McGregor cannot reverse!

Overall, the movie was at its peak when Harley was able to shine and be herself until the underwhelming Birds of Prey team-up.

This could have been one of the best DC’s movies if they made Harley Quinn even more of an emphasis and took more effort to develop characters who would have more dynamic playoffs with her character.

Despite its occasional lapses, I would still recommend you to catch this movie for its entertainment value and fun spirit.

This movie is a BRUTAL APPROVE!

Wee Wei Song

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