Finally, a cheap & good Japanese BBQ. For real? We headed down to Yakiniku Like Singapore for a review.

Opening it’s very first store on the sunny island of Singapore for the first time, Yakiniku Like is a self-cooking Japanese BBQ chain restaurant that considers themselves fast-food, affordable and of great value. This sounds too good to be true though, so here’s our review of Yakiniku Like Singapore.

Located at newly opened Paya Lebar Quarter, Yakiniku Like serves Japanese BBQ with your own individual grill, where you are able to cook the meat yourself.  

Fast Food

Raw meat can be ordered via Yakiniku Like online app which you can access via QR code. Once ordered, the kitchen will prepare your meat and will be served directly to you by the wait staff. The dishes came in less than 5 mins after ordering. Cooking your own meat might seem like it takes a very long time, but it is actually quite fast. They are definitely fast, but are in another league of their own compared to other “fast food” Chain.


Yakiniku Like Singapore’s set meals range from $8.80 to $29.90, depending on the cut and the amount of meat you order. You are also able to select the size of your rice, so for the value seeker, you can easily order the cheapest set meal on the menu, and get the largest serving of rice (300g).
Ala carte meats prices start from $4.90 to $27.90. There are alot of options available and is a good way to add on meat to your set meal. Affordable? Definitely and for those with money to burn, you can spend more to try their Wagyu Beef.


It doesn’t matter if the service is fast or the meal is cheap if it doesn’t taste good, and my verdict on this is… depending on you. You are the one who is cooking the meat, you are the one that decides if the meat is going to be good or bad. In my experience, I had a slice of meat that is perfect and my second slice is rubbery and burnt. I tried cooking the meat both with & without seasoning and the difference in taste is huge as well, so do yourself a favour and learn a little about cooking before visiting Yakiniku Like. 

*TIP FOR THE INSTANT NOODLE CHEFS* Focus on cooking the meat. Multi-tasking is the surest way to burn your meat. Remember to add salt and pepper to your meat while cooking. You can thank me later. 

Overall, this is a really interesting experience where you need to cook your own meat. Meal was quick, simple and cheap. But the biggest downside is there will be an inconsistency in taste for different people and benefits those who know how to cook. Despite that, I’ll still definitely recommend you to try it out.

I will give this a BRUTAL APPROVE.

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